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a specialist in urology

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Of the 49 for-profit facilities, ownership could be traced back to a urologist in 17 (35 percent).
Sajid Iqbal Arain for the post of Urologist BPS-18 while the candidates namely Dr.
The main objectives of our study were to describe the different characteristics of phone consultations made by healthcare professionals to academic urologists in terms of timing and location, type of consultation requests and professional background.
Ihe urologist failed to properly repair the injury.
The urologist wrote: "Today we have been hard at work improving people's lives!
Just 15 months after four highly sophisticated robot-assisted da Vinci Surgical Systems were introduced to South Africa (SA), nine local urologists are now 'flying' the ZAR23 million devices 'solo', while another ten are being mentored on the revolutionary robotic-assisted laparoscopic tool.
By definition, men whose diagnosing urologist (see below) did not bill for any prostatectomies were required to have a different urologist who performed their surgery (N= 1,997).
"The diagnosing urologist was the most influential measured factor, responsible for 16.1% of the variance in management choice; just 7.9% of the variance was attributable to patient characteristics," Dr.
Mr Hugh Mostafid, consultant urologist at Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust and chair of Action on Bladder Cancer, says early detection and treatment is vital.
DADU -- Dialysis patients of Dadu district and its surrounding areas were facing serious problems owing to the suspension of operations at the dialysis centre in Civil Hospital Dadu as famous urologist was transferred three years ago after which no urologist or technician has been transferred to the centre.
After multiple failed attempts of urethral catheterization by the general practitioner (GP), even with injection of 20 cc of anesthetic jelly into the urethra, the on-call urologist was consulted to examine the patient.
Washington, June 19 ( ANI ): A man who claimed that he had an 8-month long erection because of his urologist's improper care will not receive any financial compensation.
Anyone uncertain about being screened and wishing to speak with a urologist, prostate cancer survivors or both should plan to attend an Us TOO Florence seminar.