intravenous pyelogram

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X-ray picture of the kidneys and ureters after injection of a radiopaque dye


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Further, computed tomography urography (CTU) revealed bilateral ureteric calculi (Fig.1).
Intravenous urography (IVU) revealed bilateral bifid pelvicalyceal system.
The laboratory investigations included complete blood count, blood urea, serum creatinine, blood sugar, urine analysis, X-Ray intravenous urography and ultrasonography for extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy treatment with Dornier MPL 9000.
Caption: Figure 1: UPJO in solitary kidney with intrarenal pelvis in urography images by CT scan.
* To study the accuracy of CT urography in identifying various pathologies of urinary tract causing haematuria.
Different radiological diagnostic methods are used to detect this abnormality such as KUB X-ray, intravenous pyelography, USG, computed tomography, computed tomographic urography and magnetic resonance imaging (3,5).
Coronal reconstruction of axial CT scan of abdomen shows CT urography. Image reproduced with permission from Department of Urology, Pope John Paul II Hospital in ZamoSc, Poland.
At a total cost of $435,000, the new equipment will be used in cystoscopic urography and laser lithotripsy, QRCS has said in a statement.
Brought at a total cost of $435,000, the new equipment will be used in cystoscopic urography and laser lithotripsy.
Recent reports have cited CT urography as the best noninvasive method for evaluating the UUT for urothelial malignancies.
Multi-detector CT (MDCT) urography has become the standard examination for unexplained, painless hematuria, allowing the assessment for numerous etiologies in a single study by imaging during multiple contrast phases.
Computed tomography or MRI urography (29) can be used to visualize extralumination of contrast medium (Fig.
Imaging modalities are intravenous urography, cystography, ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance.