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These data suggest that the method of urine collection affects urinalysis results in women with advanced urogenital prolapse.
Probiotic agents to protect the urogenital tract against infection.
In rare cases, the eggs can be transmitted to the urogenital opening, and the larvae then hatch into the urogenital region.
The male has two orifices under its belly, one is the anus and the other is the urogenital papilla.
Iris ve urogenital sistem gelisiminin farkli embriyolo-jik donemleri kapsamasindan ve olgumuzda herhangi bir hormonal ve metabolik bozuklugun saptanmamasindan dolayi, goz ve urogenital sistem gelisiminden sorumlu ortak bir gen olan Paired box 2 geni (PAX2)'nin veya diger bilinmeyen gen mutasyonlarinin sorumlu olabilecegini dusunduk.
The rate of urogenital malformations in local baby boys is incredibly high, says Jordi Sunyer, co-director of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona--the global average is estimated at about 2%.
Samples will be grown in laboratories and collected from the digestive tract, mouth, skin, nose and female urogenital tract regions of volunteers.
Hansen has unveiled probiotic capsules for improved urogenital health.
Pet owners, veterinary students, animal shelter workers, and dog trainers will learn how to identify common behaviors including look-aways, freezes, submissive grins, tail flags, dog smiles, sneezes, shake-offs, urogenital check-outs, displacement behaviors, and so much more.
O controle teve uma amostra semelhante a do estudo e cuja causa morte nao estava relacionado ao sistema urogenital. O material foi submetido as seguintes tecnicas: Tecnicas 1) histoquimica: H&E, Van Gieson e weigert, 2) Imunohistoquimica: Anti-elastina.
A line drawn just anterior to the ischial tuberosities divides the perineum into two areas: an anterior region called the urogenital triangle and a posterior region called the anal triangle (Figure 2).
Rebecca Nichols says, "It follows the tried and tested Haynes formula, with fault-finding charts, technical illustrations and diagnostics, with chapter headings such as roadside repairs (first aid), fuel and exhaust (digestion, blood and urogenital systems), in-car entertainment (sound and vision), family runabout (fertility, pregnancy and birth), chassis and bodywork (skin and bones) and engine management (brain)."