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having a concave shape like an urn

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Its smooth-textured bark, leathery leaves, and urn-shaped flowers give it a stand-alone quality in the garden.
The fruit, which is edible but usually bland in flavor, appears at the same time as small, urn-shaped flowers.
The redesign of the urn-shaped jars by RPC Blackburn highlights the upmarket nature of the brand for an elegant on-shelf image.
Decorative urn-shaped balustrade railings also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bridge.
Tranquility, with its ginger-jar shaped pump on a footed base and urn-shaped wastebasket, was the number one choice at the show, said David Templeton, product manager.
Delicate white urn-shaped blossoms with a hint of pink emerge in winter.
Some of the smaller varieties are shrub-like in stature, with urn-shaped flowers and leather-like evergreen leaves.
It's evergreen, has white urn-shaped flowers in autumn and a vibrant cinnamon-coloured bark.
During a Wirral youth court trial, the pair, from Birkenhead, denied they had been involved in the vandalism and claimed the urns were actually urn-shaped candles stolen from B&Q.
This also can be said of manzanita (arctostaphylos), the other signature California native woody perennial, known for its comely urn-shaped flowers, glabrous and leathery leaves, and cinnamon bark.
Another option is the deciduous sorrel tree (Oxydendrum arboreum) of the eastern United States, which has a small, white, urn-shaped flower.
Although most varieties of this species lack the crimson in young leaf shoots, the small, urn-shaped flowers and their buds come in shades of pink and red in early spring.
Its pinkish-white, urn-shaped flowers and leathery green foliage will keep you perpetually entranced.
The fruits are borne at the same time as urn-shaped flowers among dark evergreen leaves.