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a large vase that usually has a pedestal or feet

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a large pot for making coffee or tea

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Meriones, who had come in fourth, carried off the two talents of gold, and the fifth prize, the two-handled urn, being unawarded, Achilles gave it to Nestor, going up to him among the assembled Argives and saying, "Take this, my good old friend, as an heirloom and memorial of the funeral of Patroclus--for you shall see him no more among the Argives.
So saying he gave the urn over to Nestor, who received it gladly and answered, "My son, all that you have said is true; there is no strength now in my legs and feet, nor can I hit out with my hands from either shoulder.
But the Doctor himself was the idol of the whole school: and it must have been a badly composed school if he had been anything else, for he was the kindest of men; with a simple faith in him that might have touched the stone hearts of the very urns upon the wall.
The gold plated urn, which contained the remains of Maria Pilar Cruz, the investment banker who went missing back in 2003 and was found dead inside a suitcase in 2004, had been missing since Monday.
Instead, they even asked me to steal someone's ashes and tell everyone that those were the ashes inside the urn they had stolen.
The urn, made in the United States, is made of steel and gold-plated, Rodolfo said, adding that he believes the urn would be sold.
com/) Bios Urn , a biodegradable urn for ashes, planted itself in founder and designer Gerard MolinAaAaAeA@ mind when he was just a boy.
Cimitiere Catholique Granby located in Granby, Quebec has devoted a portion of its land specifically to be used for the planting of a Bios Urn.
Soon it struck me," Plankey told NCR by telephone from his home in Cuernavaca, Mexico, 'each parish should have a community urn where the remains of the dead are mixed together to prophetically manifest our faith and hope that they are now in the fullness of community with God in heaven.
Biodegradable coffin and urn options range from the Ecopod, a vessel made of recycled newspaper and mulberry pulp, to hand-built caskets crafted out of native, sustainably harvested wood.
The ECB wanted to stage a picture of the captains with the special copy of the original Ashes urn, which is too delicate to leave Lord's.
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Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman Karen Mallett said: "Obviously this is incredibly distressing for the victim and we're issuing a direct appeal to the people who took the urn to return the ashes.
At least one in five Americans have an urn in their house,'' says Robin Simonton, executive director of Raleigh's historic Oakwood Cemetery.