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a large vase that usually has a pedestal or feet

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a large pot for making coffee or tea

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The fourth prize was two talents of gold, and the fifth a two-handled urn as yet unsoiled by smoke.
Meriones, who had come in fourth, carried off the two talents of gold, and the fifth prize, the two-handled urn, being unawarded, Achilles gave it to Nestor, going up to him among the assembled Argives and saying, "Take this, my good old friend, as an heirloom and memorial of the funeral of Patroclus--for you shall see him no more among the Argives.
So saying he gave the urn over to Nestor, who received it gladly and answered, "My son, all that you have said is true; there is no strength now in my legs and feet, nor can I hit out with my hands from either shoulder.
Here lay many wounded insects, and harmless little creatures, whom cruel hands had hurt; and pale, drooping flowers grew beside urns of healing herbs, from whose fresh leaves came a faint, sweet perfume.
If the deserted lake with its black woods and gray urns and images looked desolate even by daylight, under the night and the growing storm it seemed still more kke the pool of Acheron in the land of lost souls.
But the Doctor himself was the idol of the whole school: and it must have been a badly composed school if he had been anything else, for he was the kindest of men; with a simple faith in him that might have touched the stone hearts of the very urns upon the wall.
Apsara National Authority (ANA) officials and researchers at Sophia University in Japan are working to identify the origin of eight urns containing human bones that were unearthed in the Banteay Kdei temple complex in Siem Reap town on Monday.
A judge's ruling could bar recovery for a Roanoke woman who said the funeral home ignored its promise to give separate ash urns to estranged family members of the woman's husband.
The urn, which is the symbol of cricketing battles between Australia and England since it was gifted to the visiting English captain Ivo Bligh during the summer of 1882-83, has resided at the MCC Museum at The Lord's in London regardless of the Test series result.
Ford, 71, of Georgia would be split into four porcelain urns and shipped to the homes of his children.
Devastated Sophie Bampton, 24, says she was left in tears after realising the urn was missing and says it felt like her son was still with her when she had the ashes.
"In my research, I found that one of the main reasons the Qianlong emperor invented the Golden Urn ritual procedure was to shore up people's faith in the authenticity of reincarnations.
Lever had broken into the home in the city's Grange and grabbed the urn, as well as cash and a laptop.
Apolinario said the urn and ashes of Cruz, who was fondly called Pipie, were at his office at the SPD headquarters in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, and would be turned over to her family at the mausoleum at 1 p.m.
The gold plated urn, which contained the remains of Maria Pilar Cruz, the investment banker who went missing back in 2003 and was found dead inside a suitcase in 2004, had been missing since Monday.