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According to London-based Dr Luke Powles from Bupa Health Clinics, urine colour indicates people's hydration levels, with dark yellow colours suggesting the need for an instant glass of water.
Urine creatinine levels reflect fluid intake and excretion.
Miller felt certain the largest chemical differences in urine occurs when going between herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.
Lead author Timothy Fernandes, MD, MPH, suggests that urine FPB levels could be used as a screening tool for venous thromboembolism in patients at risks for clots.
The urine that can reportedly treat several diseases must not come from just any ordinary cow.
2] production from the urine itself was not separated from the total respiration.
Next to pulsology, urine analysis is the most important method of finding out and confirming a disorder and its nature, locations and so forth.
Smelly urine, sweating a lot in hot weather or exercising a lot without drinking, urine is darkly coloured.
If there is a lot of glucose in your blood then your kidneys get overwhelmed and some glucose leaks into your urine.
The purple urine bag is a visually striking and rarely seen side effect of a urinary tract infection.
Urine is simply excess water and waste products that your kidneys filter from your blood.
Persistent protein in urine with inactive urine sediment is an established marker for chronic kidney disease (CKD), and there is evidence to suggest an association between renal proteinuria and the progression of CKD in dogs and cats.
Varanasi, Dec 18 (ANI): Some doctors here claims that cow urine treatment can lower blood-sugar levels and cure diabetes.
In this study we assessed the influence of glucose added urine on the in vitro activities of various antibiotics by the microbroth dilution method.