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Placed on the floor, the sex of the individual urinator is made inconsequential.
Rapid body movements and loud or excited voices are more likely to trigger a release of urine in both submissive and excitement urinators. Move slowly and speak in a calm, soft voice.
She was a submissive urinator. Careful management and modification has reduced her urination incidents to a rare occasion.
Eastern X X urinator) Pisaurina brevipes (Emerton) Eastern X X Pisaurina dubia (Hentz) Southeastern X Pisaurina mira (Walckenaer) Eastern X X Pisaurina undulata (Keyserling) Southeastern X X Salticae Admestina tibialis (C.L.
She's the lowest-ranking member in the group, and a submissive urinator with other dogs and humans.
H is also for Hill 16, the Croke Park Kop, home of the Dublin wag and the phantom urinator.
Look at the monsters it spawned: Pol Pot, Idi Amin, a TV show called The Urinator about a detective with a weak bladder and go-faster stripes on his incontinence pants (OK, I lied about that one).
Once you start insisting on government vetting, you're trusting a system that has made "sex offenders" out of teenagers in love, streakers, and public urinators (even the ones who don't freeze their pee).
One of the key selling points is the dwell time urinators will see your ad for.
The chairman of the Capital Trustees Board, in condemning "Asian urinators," is quoted as saying that there will now be an earnest assessment and possibly increased fines for this "disgusting act (urinating in public) where urinating is a habit."