urinary organ

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There was no significant difference in the occurrence of urinary organ abnormalities according to breed (p > 0.05).
"There may also be reasons related to the disease that could increase the risk for urinary organ cancers, resulting from chronic irritation to those organs as a result of MS.
Due to the importance and the need for more knowledge on the species we aimed to describe morphologically the urinary organs in females of G.
He said the team of surgeons followed a nine-step program for separation of the two, beginning with anesthesia, key hole examination of the urinary organs, sterilization, opening of the belly and separation of the liver.
Milagros will need another operation to reconstruct and repair her urinary organs.
Lack of support by these allows urinary organs to shift (prolapse).
His major work, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Treatment of Gravel, Calculus, and Other Diseases Connected with a Deranged Operation of the Urinary Organs (1821), was very popular and helped establish his reputation in Great Britain and Europe as one of Britain's distinguished physiological chemists.