urinary hesitancy

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difficulty in beginning the flow of urine

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Ten years earlier, this gentleman presented with symptoms of gross hematuria and urinary hesitancy. He subsequently underwent a cystoscopy and biopsy of the prostate which led to a pathological diagnosis of ductal carcinoma of the prostate with endometrioid features (Fig.
Systemic symptoms such as blurred vision or urinary hesitancy are rare.
Another statistically significant disadvantage is seen when clozapine was compared with olanzapine on the occurrence of urinary hesitancy, dry mouth, or constipation, with a NNT for clozapine of -5 (NNH 5).
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 28, 2005 - (JCNN) - Zepharma announced on October 27 that it will release PITRUN A, an over-the-counter drug for treating urinary hesitancy and frequency, on November 1.
Table 1 Phases of Obstructive Nephropathy * Early or hyperemic phase 2-3 hours * Late or vasoconstrictive phase 12-24 hours * Recovery Period following relief until glomerular filtration rate normalizes * Possible postobstructive diuresis, hypophosphatemia, hyperkalemia, and hyponatremia (Mustonen et al., 1999) Table 2 Obstructive Nephropathy Symptoms * Increased frequency and urge to urinate * Urinary hesitancy * Incontinence * Decreased urinary stream * Nocturia * Dysuria * Feeling of incomplete emptying of bladder * Alternating episodes of increased and decreased urinary output References
Voiding dysfunction, characterized by urinary hesitancy, prolonged or intermittent flow, and need to change position, was associated with increasing severity of anterior and apical POP.
Dry mouth, urinary hesitancy, constipation, blurred vision, fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, light-headedness, and weight gain or loss are among them.
Long-term safety seemed good in a 1-year, open-label study of 80-120 mg/day duloxetine, with no hypertension or urinary hesitancy, Dr.
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