urinary calculus

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a calculus formed in the kidney

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IR spectroscopy using KBr tablets is the current method for analysis of urinary calculus composition in our laboratory.
Therefore, the 236 mixtures were prepared from these commonly occurring urinary calculus components.
By 1810, when William Hyde Wollaston (1766-1828) described cystine (3) (the first amino acid to be discovered) in a new and rare type of urinary calculus, he had already characterized five other chemically distinct principal constituents of urinary calculi in humans.
In a popular work entitled An Essay on The Chemical History and Medical Treatment of Calculous Disorders (1817 and 1819), he described his discovery of a new substance in a urinary calculus.
The patients admitted in Surgery ward with the symptoms of pain in abdomen, burning in micturition, frequency of micturition, dribbling or weak stream of urine, retention of urine, haematuria and other symptoms of uremia, signs such as distension of bladder or abdominal tenderness were admitted in surgical wards as provisional diagnosed cases of urinary calculus and were subjected to investigations including routine Hb%, TLC, DLC, urine analysis, renal function test, X-ray KUB region, USG and intravenous pyelography as and when required.
Postmenopausal osteoporosis treatment risk of urinary calculus development.
Urinary pH determination can be helpful in the management and treatment of both urinary tract and urinary calculus disease in a presumed urinary tract infection and alkaline urine (>7.
Urinary calculus disease is one of the oldest known to man and affects about 3% of the population.