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bearded reddish sheep of southern Asia

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The wildlife department sources told reporter that a team raided a house at Phalia Road, Mandi Bahauddin, and took urials in custody from illegal capitivity.
Mitochondrial ATP6 and ATP8 Genes Based Molecular Diversity and Phylogenetic Analysis in Punjab Urial (Ovis vignei punjabiensis).
The mouflons ("moufliforms") and urials are generally not sheep of high mountains; they are often hunted in rolling "Mediterranean-type" hills, a pleasant experience that is usually not extremely difficult.
Heavy human interference, in terms of livestock grazing, forest cutting, illegal hunting and medicinal plant extraction, poses severe threats to the remaining Ladakh urial population (Table IV).
Pakistan holds four races of Urial sheep, blue sheep on the Chinese border, Himalayan and Sind ibex, and an astonishing four races of markhor.
The representative of Punjab Wildlife department told the participants that population of Urial in Salt range has increased from 2500-3000 local-trophy hunting can be started.
Five months ago, the G-B government has asked the CITES Management Authority to allow two scientific permits for foreign nationals to hunt the Ladakh Urial in the Bunji area.
but I've noticed that sheep from arid ranges, whether our desert sheep or Urial sheep and argalls, are stronger and tougher than, say, our thin-horned and bighorn sheep.
Ecology of Punjab Urial (Ovis vaginei Punjabiensis) in the Salt Range, Punjab.
Far to the southwest, across thousands of miles of Asia, in northwestern Iran, the mouflons transition to the urial sheep, Ovis orientalis, with numerous races.
More than two dozen animals and birds have died at the zoo in the last few years, including nilgais, zebras, lion cubs, urial and deer.
Suleiman Markhor (Capra falconeri) and Afghan urial (Ovis orientalis) in the Torghar hills, Pakistan.
The flora of Deosai comprises various species of flowers while the fauna includes Himalayan brown bear,ibex,red fox,golden marmot,wolf,the Ladakh urial and a number of resident and migratory birds.
The zoo has also had significant success maintaining Urial deer fawns.