urge incontinence

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urinary incontinence that is generally attributable to involuntary contracts of the bladder muscle resulting in an urgent need to urinate accompanied by a sudden loss of urine

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Guy, "A Psychiatric Study of Women with Urgency and Urge Incontinence," British Journal of Urology, Vol.
Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) also can be an effective strategy for managing urge incontinence.
Urge incontinence refers to a sudden, urgent need to urinate that can make it difficult to reach the restroom in time.
We've spent millions of dollars, two big trials, almost 1,200 patients, and I think if we learned one thing, [it's that] urge Incontinence symptoms are problematic.
Stress incontinence can occur when someone is coughing or sneezing, while urge incontinence occurs when one feels a sudden strong urge to urinate.
In elderly patients, a combination of urinary urgency with both urge incontinence and overflow due to incomplete bladder emptying is a frequent finding.
A total of 10% reported urge incontinence symptoms, 21% had stress symptoms, and 69% had mixed symptoms.
Patients who have urge incontinence also are taught to stop when they feel the urge, instead of rushing to the bathroom.
Adding drug to behavioral treatment or behavioral to drug treatment also resulted in significant reduction in urodynamic urge incontinence (57.
Palmer: There are some pharmacologic treatments for urge incontinence, such as a muscle relaxant for the bladder, but there are none yet for stress incontinence.
According to Kehoe, "Staff is taught how to identify stress incontinence and environmental and urge incontinence.