urethral orifice

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the orifice through which urine is discharged

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A tubular protrusion extends upwardly from the upper surface of the crotch region and is sized and positioned in a transversely middle zone of the crotch region for surrounding at least one of an anus and a urethral orifice of the wearer.
I recommend filling the bladder to approximately 300 cc, or to the point where you can see evidence of full distension such as flattened urethral orifices.
Urogenital discharges, or soiled or un-bathed pubic area may attract fly oviposition around the external genitalia and urethral orifices, then hatched larvae may enter the bladder and pass through urethra and produce symptoms of cystitis and/or urethritis that may include dysuria, haematuria, urethral discharge, and abdominal pain (3, 10).
But the hypertonic solution makes the urinary stream from the urethral orifices easier to see.