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prolapse of the end of the ureter into the bladder

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The RBUS should include assessment of cranio-caudal length of the kidneys, degree of echogenicity and cortico-medullary differentiation, SFU grade of hydronephrosis, maximal APD on transverse axial view of the renal pelvis, diameter of both proximal and distal ureter if dilated, the degree of bladder filling, the detrusor thickness or presence of bladder trabeculation, diverticula, ureterocele and posterior urethral dilation in males.
El ureter doble ocurre en 0,8 % de la poblacion (Ellerkamp et al.; Chacko et al.; Alberts et al; Chao) y raramente, en cerca del 1 % de los casos diagnosticados, un ramo del ureter supernumerario puede terminar a ciegas causando obstruccion total, siendo relacionado con mas frecuencia con ureterocele o anomalias de insercion ureteral ectopica (Chacko et al.; Dorko et al.).
A ureterocele is a submucosal part dilatation of the ureter in the intramural area.
A renal ultrasound revealed bilateral enlargement of kidneys, left hydronephrosis with a duplicated collecting system, and obstruction of the upper pole moiety by ureterocele, causing moderate hydroureteronephrosis.
Urinary tract defects Group I Group II Primary megaureter 2 1 Vesicoureteral reflux 5 6 Ureterocele 3 2 Summary 10 (15.38%) 9 (20.93%) TABLE 2: Characteristics of the selected parameters of children in group I and group II who underwent URSL procedure.
Ultrasonic diagnosis of obstructed renal duplication and ureterocele. South Med J 1980;73(8):1016-9.
Anomalies like ureterocele and ectopic ureter, which affects the upper system, and anomalies like ureteropelvic junction obstruction and vesicoureteral reflux, which affects the lower system, can be encountered in patients with duplex systems [4].
In literature review it is well documented that duplex system is associated with complications such as hydronephrosis, calculi formation, ureterocele,vesicoureteric reflux and re-current infection.
Strangulated ureterocele and prolapsed urethral mucosa in a little girl.
La presencia de RVU se ha asociado con defectos del tubo neural (por ejemplo, espina bifida) y puede estar presente tambien en pacientes con anormalidades de las vias urinarias (como valvas uretrales posteriores, ureterocele o doble sistema colector) y neonatos, a quienes se les hace diagnostico prenatal de hidronefrosis [12].
Congenital anomalies of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT) comprise a spectrum of malformations that occur at the level of the kidney (e.g., hypoplasia and dysplasia), collecting system (e.g., idiopathic hydronephrosis, ureteropelvic junction obstruction, and megaureter), bladder (e.g., ureterocele and vesicoureteral reflux), or urethra (e.g., posterior urethral valves) [48].