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Fat in the abdomen along with intestinal loops can all interfere with a clear look at the ureters, plus feline ureters are quite small to begin with.
The most common medication is tamsulosin, which relaxes the ureter to help the stone pass; 2.
The first ureteroscopy was performed in 1912 by Hugh Hampton Young in a patient with posterior urethral valves when a rigid cystoscope was advanced into the dilated ureter (Young and McKay, 1929).
Inguinal herniation of the ureter is a rare complication of inguinal hernias, with only about 140 cases reported as of 2009.
CT urography showed contrast agent extravasation from the left proximal ureter and contrast material accumulation around the perirenal area.
He had placed several clips near the ureter and did not verify their position or protect the ureter.
The condition is usually due to an increased aneurysm diameter obstructing the ureter mechanically (3).
On the right side, first it crosses over the anterior surface of inferior vena cava then goes downward beside the ascending colon 1 cm above the right ureter and enters the pelvic cavity by crossing over the common iliac artery or sometimes the external iliac artery.
In this report, we present a case of CT-guided MWA of a renal cell carcinoma for which the combined use retrograde pyeloperfusion for ureteral cooling and hydrodissection for displacement of the ureter from the tumor was performed to minimize the risk of thermal injury.
Conclusion: There was a 7.9% (about 8%) incidence of encountering "difficult ureter" while performing ureterorenoscopy for ureteric calculi resulting in failed access for which a Double-J stent will have to be introduced to avoid ureteric injury.
In the following case report, we discuss the delayed diagnosis and treatment of both ectopic kidney and ureter in a young female patient.
"In puppies, one of the causes for urinary incontinence is an ectopic ureter (ureters are tubes that connect your dog's kidneys to her bladder).
A gynecologic surgeon learns very early in his/her career to respect the ureter. Whether from the procedure being performed (endometriosis surgery, hysterectomy, myomectomy for ligamentous fibroids, salpingooophorectomy, excision of ovarian remnants, adhesiolysis), blood loss that obscures visualization and must be controlled, or use of energy for cutting, desiccation, and coagulation leading to potential lateral tissue damage, ureteral injury is a well-known complication.
Although most FEPs are encountered in the distal ureter, 15% are located in the renal pelvis; FEPs are found less often in the urethra, bladder, and proximal ureter (1).
The intracorporeal lithotripsy has long proven to be an effective, less invasive method for breaking up stones in the kidney, bladder or ureter. CyberWand is a dual probe electromechanical device capable of fragmenting and aspirating calculi in the kidney, bladder or ureter.