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A nephrostomy was performed and, 6 weeks later, the ureters were reimplanted.
El personal de la clinica reconoce que me rasgo mi ureter por descuido, pero ni siquiera me pidio una disculpa, ya que me dio de alta y ahora me niega la atencion.
Professor Arnaud Wattiez, Gynaecology Consultant at Latifa Hospital said the patient's ureter swelled three times its original size due to hydronephrosis, which means that a ureter and the renal pelvis (the connection of the ureter to the kidney) are overfilled with urine.
Professor Wattiez said that the swelling caused a ureter and the renal pelvis (the connection of the ureter to the kidney) to be filled beyond capacity with urine.
A ureterocele is a submucosal part dilatation of the ureter in the intramural area.
Si el ureter discurre de forma independiente de la vejiga hasta su desembocadura, se denomina extramural.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the pelvis demonstrated a dilated right ureter ectopically draining into a multiloculated cystic mass representing an ectatic right seminal vesicle (Figure 2).
In the 15 minutes film (Figure 1), we see the normal opacification of both PCS and normal course of both ureters in their whole extent, but in the 45 minutes film (Figure 2 and 3) we see left duplicated system with bifid blind-ending left distal ureter, which is dilated and tortuous suggestive of either due to uretero-ureteral reflux or vesicoureteric reflux.
6,15-17) Although a NET metastatic to the ureter would be exceptionally rare, it has been reported at least once in the literature.
sup][1] An anastomosis of allograft pelvis to native ureter has been reported to be a treatment for donor kidney with UPJO at initial transplantation;[sup][2] however, few studies focused on the surgical option for urinary tract reconstruction of donor kidney with UPJO in re-transplantation.
Arterioureteral fistula is a direct communication between an artery and ureter that presents with hematuria.
A left inguinal hernia was seen to contain the distal transplant ureter with resultant proximal moderate to severe hydronephrosis of the transplant kidney, evident of obstruction.
This case report considers a case of a metastatic melanoma deposit in the ureter managed with the intent of preserving renal function whilst maximising quality of life.