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the chief solid component of mammalian urine


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Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertiliser in the world, accounting for 46% of world nitrogen consumption (Watson 2000).
The efficiency of urea fertilisers can be increased through the use of inhibitors or slow release systems, which include chemical additives that modify the environment of the granule microsite or inhibit the activity of urease or nitrification (Watson 2000; Sartain et al.
The morphology of the urea molecule is what accounts for the reduction in insertion force because urea molecules easily "slip and slide" across each other.
However, Meister-20, Meister-27, Duration Polymer Coated Urea Type-V and Uber-10 had lower loss of NH3-N due to slow release property and this character could be beneficial for supplying nutrients to next season crop.
Keywords: Urea, Nitrogen, Volatilization, Ammonia, Coated fertilizer
It was concluded that addition of 1% urea in the feed of calves can improve feed intake, feed conversion ratio and daily weight gain more efficiently than other NPN sources (optigen).
The results showed that sulfur and urease inhibitor (agrotain) coated urea significantly increased the dry matter yield, N uptake and grain quality of rice cultivars over granular urea (GU) and control treatment applied split, particularly in silty loam soil than clay loam soil.
3] volatilisation following application of urea is to use compounds that inhibit urease activity at the soil surface and allow the urea to move into the soil before hydrolysis.
The outcome of the first pot experiment indicated that the application of coated urea increased dry matter yield from 60 to 20% pot-1 and enhanced N uptake up to77% as compare to urea alone.
At some level, urea production is associated with nearly every kind of fermentation process that yields results humans enjoy--not just yeast and wine, but the fermentations that go into soy sauce, bread, yogurt, and so on.
Kinetic assay of serum and urine for urea with use of urease and leucine dehydrogenase.
The cereal finding was somewhat surprising, Welch says, because plant physiologist had never seen urea -- or active urease -- in grains.
Key words: Poly carbonyl urea, Urea, Methyl carbamate, Slow release fertilizer