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Five corolla types were identified in this study: tubular, slender tubular, tubular-funnel, campanulate and urceolate forms (Fig.
Flowering occurs during spring--summer, with plants producing large numbers of pendulous urceolate flowers in axillary clusters.
Pistillate inflorescences capitate, arranged in 2-5 racemes, each with 4-7 flowers, peduncles to 20 mm long, congested in anthesis, expanded after fertilization, pedicels short < 1mm long; involucre well differentiated 1-2 mm long, sacciform to urceolate in shape, very thick, with 4-5 lanceolated lobes < 1 mm long, bicolor, the basal half darker than the upper; stigma somewhat exserted, lobed and decurrent; lower part of the perianth consists of 4 lanceolate involucral bracts 1 mm long; indumentum densely short velutinous; no staminodes are present.
Old thalli can be pruinose and develop minute cracks, often with dark-brown or blackish, [+ or -] urceolate apothecia.
Petal shape: cucullate = 0; obovate = 1; ovate concave = 2; linear= 3; urceolate = 4; valvate = 5; imbricate = 6.
1 Calcar absent or very small 2 1' Calcar well developed 3 2 Base of the foliar blade usually acute-cuneate, very preeminent urceolate petiole gland Q.
a `red, average-lived, urceolate yeti-durer' (even a `red eel-boner'
aloof, mad 43 rerun-in-Italy, mired-in-soot 44 resoled, Ute-derided, ired 45 retoned, sexy, royal 46 retooled, older, ranker 47 reunited, snug, raw 48 revolting, nival, non-deltoid, ignitible, snug 49 rewalled 50 rewon, kobold-evolved 51 rotatively arty, zoo-bred, icy, raw 52-53 red, raw[er]-livered, welded, ired, avid 54-56 renacred, [new/raw/rawer] 57-59 [resuable/reusable/revilable] 60-77 retinue-[laded/laved/loved/lured/raced/ robed/owed/tamed/tired] [Urgan/ urceolate, spun-up] Lines F, C 1 diva 2 dab 3 bard 4 decaf ruffian 5 eudemon 6 diva-enrober 7 wary lion-rober 8 demode (dun denim?