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  • verb

Synonyms for urbanize

to imbue with city ways, manners, and customs

Synonyms for urbanize

make more industrial or city-like

impart urban habits, ways of life, or responsibilities upon

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Actually the urban agriculture should stand as multifunctional fountain for sustainable food systems, as a driver for a resilient and smart agro-food systems, as a catalyst for the socio-economic, cultural, ecological and sustainably urbanizing territories and cities.
The Nile Basin is an extended territory in which the agriculture is showing growing trends in urbanizing setting, the food systems are showing increasing complexities, interdependency and interconnections and prospects.
The lessons and necessity to paradigm shift to vertical or urbanizing agriculture, where there is soil sealing and soil degradation, to green-roofing and vertical agriculture should be deeply and seriously researched by the Nile Basin states to accompany and accommodate that vision in their regional urbanizing agriculture and agritecture.
In Urbanizing Frontiers: Indigenous Peoples and Settlers in 19th-Century Pacific Rim Cities, Penelope Edmonds contributes to this literature through a comparative history of two colonial-settler cities: Melbourne, Australia, and Victoria, British Columbia.
In Urbanizing Frontiers, Edmonds makes an important contribution to the field of urban history by demonstrating that the colonial frontier, characterized by violence and conflict between settlers and Aboriginal peoples, existed not only in the "bush, backwoods, and borderlands," but also in colonial cities (5).
As unmanaged urbanizing could also lead other fast growing urban centers to similar situation, it has urged the government to give immediate priority to urban planning and development.
The Northeast and the Midwest, like the South, are urbanizing large amounts of land, but with virtually stagnant population growth.
It is essential reading for those interested in literature's contribution to the urbanizing process in early modern England.
The trends are likely to continue, in step with the growing, urbanizing world population, the ecologists say.
In part these institutions can be understood as general responses to broad changes overtaking an urbanizing and industrializing country.
Selling recreational access for fishing and camping is less widespread than the sale of hunting rights, a system that John Mullin calls free-enterprise hunting, but leasing for all three kinds of recreational activities is likely to increase in a nation that is rapidly urbanizing.
Contents are often remarkably similar to what granny used to show 30 years ago: Arcosanti (the Venice workshop), Urbanizing Bamboo, Mobile Architecture and so on.
More essential are the political and social changes needed to make sense of our increasingly divisive and relentlessly urbanizing world.