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Synonyms for urbanity

Synonyms for urbanity

refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style

Antonyms for urbanity

polished courtesy

the quality or character of life in a city or town

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Urbanity Corporate is a AAA office building with 29,248 square meters of space, located in the South Region of Sao Paulo.
The South Marginal Region in particular, where Urbanity is located, is benefiting substantially from the recent improvements in the infrastructure of the city.
Both of these attributes are also reflected in the design, which adopts off-road features and infuses these with dynamism and urbanity.
Dragon City managing director Dr Maher Al Shaer said: "We are overjoyed to offer the people of Bahrain a lasting outlook into the Chinese culture, and I take this opportunity to extend a hearty welcome to the members of the public so that they can immerse themselves in the beautiful intricacies that is Chinese tradition and urbanity.
Architects Sabine Mueller and Andreas Quednau of the German architectural firm SMAQ approach design through the use of narrative, telling stories about their projects contexts in order to accommodate the diverse and conflicting scales of contemporary urbanity.
This work demonstrates a sharply honed technical mastery, communicating a deepening consciousness of what it means to be in midlife as it uses the concepts of family, migration, home, and loss to establish the metaphor of "Dub," the Jamaican musical invention that champions urbanity, and embrace the influence and history, improvisation, and above all, a commitment to the delight of the people.
In a rather vaunting 2014 essay, the geographer Erik Swyngedouw claimed: 'The realization that a combined and uneven socio-ecological disintegration is accelerating has spurred a global urban intellectual and professional technocracy in search of an ecological urbanity .
Jason Mac An tSionnaigh, owner of the Urbanity Coffee shop in Coke Lane, near the scene of the crash, said there was a lot of concern for the infant.
The residency is taking place within the framework of the programme Con-temporary Urbanity, which aims to address the city as a stage, where artists experience everyday life as a theatrical act.
Urbanity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is marked by a precarious entanglement of colonial past and globalized present, of decrepit infrastructure and formidable social resilience.
Holl's experiments with luminosity and porosity, tactility and topography, hapticity and urbanity, and elements that anchor and intertwine are on full display.
Francesco Bozzi examines Hamsun, Joyce and Miller in "Movement, Sensation, and Perception: The Wanderings of the Artist and the Emergence of Modern Urbanity.
Although the bold lines and solid colors symbolize the vision of urbanity, architectural firm Asya Designs drew inspiration from the municipality's natural beauty and its main product, the 'labong' (bamboo shoots) to give the mall a sense of place.
com)-- The tech startup GreaterPlaces and civic outreach group DoTankDC launched the wildly successful card game Cards Against Urbanity on September 17.