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Synonyms for urban

Synonyms for urban

of, in, or belonging to a city

Antonyms for urban

located in or characteristic of a city or city life


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According to Sahota, up-front infrastructure costs for New Urbanist developments are relatively high, and to recoup those costs developers are pressured to keep home prices high in the initial phase.
Value Tax is a key component in a comprehensive New Urbanist legal
SWOT analysis over the technical and urbanist facilities in Fetesti municipality emphasizes the following aspects:
As far as The Urbanists is concerned we see South Wales being the beneficiary of funds from Europe in 2014 and hope we will assist the direction of that investment to create a more vibrant economy.
Large-scale, Soviet-era residential districts outside the city center defy the New Urbanist principles of mixed-use, diversity, and connectivity.
Other examples of new urbanist communities include: Stapleton on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado; Seabrook on the southern coast of Washington State; Melrose Arch in Johannesburg, South Africa; Alta de Lisboa near Lisbon, Portugal; and Jakriborg in southern Sweden.
The "walkable," "neotraditional" neighborhood is the most familiar New Urbanist leitmotif.
The Architectural Review has invited Sir Terry Farrell, a true urbanist, to present his ideas on how London could be improved, which forms the theme of this issue.
Recently, the New Urbanist movement in architecture and in law has tried to answer this question by revitalizing traditional center cities and preventing sprawl through higher density areas more dependent on the bicycle than the automobile.
Traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs) are a response to new urbanist philosophies.
The concept cottages, developed by a collective of new urbanist architects and designers, are quickly gaining traction as a lasting (and prettier) alternative to FEMA trailers.
It has the first new urbanist community and the greatest number of new urban projects.
Wheatley has addressed a long-standing need in Islamic studies for an accomplished geographer and urbanist to subject the rich geographical and historical data of the Islamic past to critical analysis.
Although the number of infill developments and brownfield restoration projects is increasing, many new urbanist projects appear on greenfield sites.