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Synonyms for urban

Synonyms for urban

of, in, or belonging to a city

Antonyms for urban

located in or characteristic of a city or city life


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Minister Villarroel added that the first phase of the activity is to consolidate and rehabilitate 476 urbanisms, tomorrow another 699 sets will be the stage of the day, which also aims to collect the proposals of popular power for the construction of the Plan of the Homeland 2019-2025 .
The follow-up interviews the author includes explain the "what's next" after tactical urbanism is implemented.
Its planner was Duany Plater Zyberk & Company (DPZ), the designer of Seaside and the closest thing to a celebrity firm in the world of New Urbanism.
One of the recent trends in urban planning, beginning from West was still urban design which entered into the urbanism literature, and was considered as a missing link between urban planning and architecture.
To what extent has Parthian art of urbanism been under the influence of Greek (Seleucid) urbanism?
A major challenge for new urbanism, however, is that planners are
I used to believe that once the catastrophic consequences of modernism were fully understood a radical reform of architecture and urbanism would ensue by rational decision.
Macedonia and Turkey will intensify the cooperation in the sphere of environment, climate change, physical planning and urbanism, Environment Minister Abdilaqim Ademi and Turkish Minister of Environment and Urbanisation Erdogan Bayraktar announced after their meeting in Skopje.
13:00 Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Ghazi Aridi, inaugurates the hall of the Higher Council for Urbanism, at Urbanism Department in Cola; Minister Aridi to deliver word.
Initially employing it to demonstrate the thematic and formal elements of the genre, Wojcik further discusses the film in terms of the way that it activates a philosophy of urbanism--related to the theories of Jane Jacobs and Henri Lefebvre--that 'figures domestic urbanism as a site of philosophy' (p.
Instead, demand mitigation should be the number-one means by which we will meaningfully address the issue, as Peter Calthorpe compellingly argues in Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change.
Summary: ALGIERS- The significant budget allocated to housing and urbanism sector, estimated at DZD3,700 billion in the five-year program 2010-2014 is set to have "positive effects" on the national economy, Minister Noureddine Moussa said Saturday in Algiers.
The Situationist International (SI) was aware that its own work would face the same fate, and it is true that many Situationist concepts have been defused and accepted into institutional discourses around art, architecture and urbanism.
Grey Street in Newcastle won the title of 2010 Great Street of the Year in the Urbanism Awards organised by the Academy of Urbanism yesterday.
Grey Street won 2010 Great Street of the Year in the Urbanism Awards - organised by the Academy of Urbanism - yesterday.