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The federal loan guarantees offset uncertainty in the financial sector about the viability of Levitt's new product: affordable, single-family homes away from the urban center. Whether Levittown would have eventually been built anyway is speculative, but given general housing and land-use trends, Levittown or some similar development would likely have been built later.
Each of these "Canaanite" urban centers was dominated by a local god like Baal or Astarte or El, embodied in a local king surrounded by his city courtiers and scribes, supported, under duress, by the peasantry who were powerless to combat the expropriation of most of their crop for consumption in the city.
By today's standards this urban center seems small but by documenting these ruins, my team and I are helping anthropologists identify different aspects of ancient cities," said Christopher Fisher, associate professor in CSU's Department of Anthropology.
The difficulty is that Athens was not at this time an urban center but a small town; it simply did not undergo pronounced urbanization during the period covered by their data.
King Mohammed VI enquired on Saturday about the project to upgrade the urban center of Issaguen, and launched the operation to relocate the residents of Targuist shanty towns for an amount of $ 191mln.a On the occasion, information were given to the monarch concerning the $ 170k new Issaguen urban center whose construction works will take up some 8 years.aCovering some 90ha, the center is meant to give a new look to the region by upgrading the existing center and building a new one, and the development of an eco-tourism center.
Susa gained the upper hand and remained an urban center into the 3rd millennium B.C., while Chogha mish became a ghost town.
However, another nearby urban center has been almost completely overlooked in the rush to report on New York City's second borough.
"Iron may have been integral to the oppidum economy," Blair adds, "but proof for large-scale production is still lacking." Nevertheless, according to Wells, the 1987 finds as well as recent discoveries in and around Kelheim by German archaeologists point to a powerful link between the iron industry and the emergence of a full-fledged urban center.
This process, which has been developed in collaboration with MILGO/ BUFKIN, a Brooklyn-based architectural metal fabricator, will be the focus of a new exhibition at the Urban Center.
* A $63.2 million for a 380,000 s/f mixed-use urban center in Henderson, Nevada.
The Municipal Art Society of New York will presents "Above New York: An Aerial Photographic Essay by Robert Cameron" at the Urban Center through Jan.
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