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Urban heat island (UHI) is one of the most well- known phenomena that narrates that the air temperature in urban areas is normally measured higher than surrounding non-urban areas.
Based on the data from a previous epidemiological survey and an analysis of children's asthma in Beijing in 2000, the prevalence of childhood asthma in urban areas was 2.
The amount of urban area grew from 110 square kilometers in 2000 to 160 in 2010.
5 million people in 2010, the Manila urban area was the sixth largest in the region by population (after the Pearl River Delta urban area in China, Tokyo, Shanghai, Jakarta and Beijing in that order).
In addition, while a majority of articles focus on the entire urban area or region, a significant portion address some intra-urban scale thus arguably contributing to the exclusion of smaller urban areas.
Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) defense operations which present unique challenges in an urban area, including the decontamination of infrastructure, the decontamination and possible relocation of the civilian population, and the decontamination of joint forces.
Keele in Staffordshire had emerged as the urban area with the largest proportion of migrants during the year before Census Day 2001, with 82.
The regional report by the Office for National Statistics gives key statistics for urban areas in Wales.
Pollution-reduction plans or programmes have been established for most of them, including for instance the Greater London Urban Area (the only zone in which also concentrations of PM10 exceeding the limit value plus the margin of tolerance were identified) and Manchester.
Fifty-three percent of Zurich is an urban area with industrial, commercial, and residential buildings; the other portion of Zurich is 24% forest, 17% agricultural, and 6% water.
There are points awarded not only for locating a building within an existing urban area, but also for locating the site near public transportation and constructing a vegetative roof.
Any urban area in Iraq that has received infrastructure damage will have similar problems.
The formal definition of urban area came out for the first time in 1961 census as "an with a population cluster of not less than 5000 with an urban environment such as high school, college, judicial and administrative offices, bazar, communication facilities, mills factories etc," called Sahar.
In the first type, the household head (typically, the husband) moves to the urban area first while the rest of the family remains in the rural area, joining him at some future time (split migration).
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