uranyl nitrate

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a yellow salt obtained by the reaction of uranium salts with nitric acid

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Complete Model of Water, Nitric Acid and Uranyl Nitrate Extraction by di-2-Ethylhexyl Sulfoxide in Dodecane, Solv.
BUN was significantly increased from 27.85 to 59.3463.41 mg [dL.sup.-1],, creatinine level was significantly increased from 1.08 to 3.29-4.12 mg [dL.sup.-1], and uric acid level was significantly increased from 4.56 to 8.97-9.75 mg [dL.sup.-1], at 0 and 4th days, respectively, after daily IV administration of uranyl nitrate at 2 mg [kg.sup.-1] for 4 consecutive days.
Syria had even provided a document to support its explanation for the presence of the uranyl nitrate at the MNSR.
To test the above hypotheses, we exposed macrophages and primary CD[4.sup.+] T cells to DU (in the form of uranyl nitrate) and examined for evidence of apoptosis and altered macrophage function in promoting lymphocyte proliferation.
The researchers then turned to a long-forgotten, pure supply of a uranium compound known as uranyl nitrate that had been stored undisturbed and protected from contamination for 33 years at the University of Chicago.
The requested change would authorize the cask to carry four containers, each holding 17 gallons apiece, of liquid highly enriched uranyl nitrate liquid.
Syria told the agency earlier this month that the traces at the Damascus site could have come from domestically-produced uranium concentrate known as "yellow cake," or from imports of commercial uranyl nitrate which it had not declared to the IAEA, according to Monday's report.