uranium ore

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any ore from which uranium can be extracted

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The "Uranium Ore Mining Global Market Report 2019" report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.
Preliminary studies have estimated Saudi Arabia has around 60,000 tons of uranium ore, Maher Al-Odan, the chief atomic energy officer of KACARE, said at an electricity forum in Riyadh in Oct.
It was opened from 1926 and in the period from 1944 to 1965, uranium ore was actively mined here..
Iran restricted its enrichment of uranium ore after signing a deal with former U.S.
"In the longstanding legal dispute surrounding the mining of uranium ore, the final decision was taken by the Supreme Court," the Supreme Court claimed in a press release, as quoted by TASR.
Through this project, the kingdom invests in uranium ore in the earth's layers, which is estimated to stock 5% of the world's stockpile for the production of uranium oxide, which will also contribute to the rehabilitation of Saudi specialized scientists in the process of exploration and production of uranium, he added.
India has already stitched agreements with French major AREVA of France for the supply of 300 metric tonnes of uranium ore concentrate; Russian TVEL Corporation for 2,000 tonnes of natural uranium dioxide pellets; Kazakh NAC Kazatomprom for 5,000 tonnes uranium ore concentrate; Uzbek NMMC for 2,000 tonnes uranium ore concentrate; and Canadian CAMECO for 3,000 tonnes uranium ore concentrate.
Under the terms of the agreement, Highlands is obligated to apply for all permits and approvals necessary for exploration operations for the mining claims, including drilling for core samples to test the uranium ore body within three months.
As Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said earlier, Iran will get 140 tons of uranium ore from Russia in exchange for enriched uranium.
The area's contamination stems from the transportation of uranium ore, during which contaminated debris fell from trucks and was spread throughout the region
American scientists at Rutgers University have isolated a microorganism that may hold the key to cleaning up polluted groundwater at sites where uranium ore was processed to make nuclear weapons.
It came with four types of uranium ore and three different radiation sources.
The existing uranium tailings are located at Tajikistan's former uranium deposits, as well as the only functioning State Unitary Enterprise Fuluzoti Nodiri Tochikiston which retains the potential for uranium ore processing.
From last few weeks, posters with instructions for drivers to stop ferrying uranium ore from the Bagjata Mines have appeared on trucks at regular intervals, instilling fear and tension among transporters.