uranium 238

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the commonest isotope of uranium

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Naturally uranium consists of a mixture of two isotopes: uranium 235 and uranium 238. Only the isotopes uranium 235, which represents merely 0.7% of the natural uranium, is capable of under going fission, the process by which energy is generated in nuclear reactors.
Thus all the heat from radioactive decay comes from the crust and mantle - about eight terawatts from uranium 238 (238U), another eight terawatts from thorium 232 (232Th), and four terawatts from potassium 40 (40K).
The two options of enriched uranium 235 and plutonium 239 bred from uranium 238 were pursued.
Centrifuges are chambers in which the gas is spun at high speeds until it separates into two isotope forms: uranium 238 and uranium 235, the former being useless since most power plants use uranium 235 to produce energy.
This final sentence exposes the mistaken assumption made by Dr Smith that Uranium 238 and Uranium 235 are 'only very feeble sources of radiation'.
The metal is made with depleted uranium, formally referred to as uranium 238, the discarded portion of a process in which a fissionable isotope (uranium 235) is separated from uranium in its natural form for the purpose of fueling nuclear reactors.
It is only at a later stage after its transformation into Uranium 238, that it can be enriched into plutonium."