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a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element

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This is due to the fact that a substantial amount of uranic acid, a constituent of hemicellulose (xylan), was removed from the fiber resulting in the disappearance of the peak (20).
The Capenhurst site has "a substantial" amount of the UK's uranic material - which could be converted to power reactors.
Humbled, Mirbeau's prospective artists no longer emulate the uranic sky-father whose censorious eye discerns the child's unoriginality and clumsiness.
"Uranic Time" links Augustine's understanding of time as displayed in the soul (a move broached by Augustine's familiarity with the Platonic legacy through Plotinus) with Heidegger's final sections of Being and Time in which a natural time is located in the heavens (a repetition of a largely forgotten Platonic legacy, Timaeus 38c, 42d).
A building on the Disney studios property in Burbank, California, and visible from the adjacent freeway, monumentally replicates Mickey's uranic cap and reminds passing drivers that California is the cosmic axis of movie stars and cinematic magic.