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accumulation in the blood of nitrogenous waste products (urea) that are usually excreted in the urine

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[ClickPress, Mon Apr 15 2019] The global market for uraemia treatment is expected to register significant growth over the forecast period due to increasing diabetic population.
Presence of uraemia is attributed in 1 case and in the other case no detectable cause could be found.
Lameire, "Uraemic retention and apoptosis: what is the balance for the inflammatory status in uraemia?" European Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol.
Soft tissue and vascular calcifications have been recognized as an important complication of uraemia and focus of studies.
The current treatment of uraemia that has proven to be safe and effective is conjugated oestrogen therapy which decreases concentration of nitric oxide.
The drug, thought to cost about PS300,000 per patient each year, is used to treat haemolytic uraemia syndrome - a rare digestive system infection that can cause kidney failure and is most common in children.
(2000) Dietary therapy in uraemia: The impact on nutrition and progressive renal failure.
Fluid and electrolyte disturbances (including hypertension, oedema and heart failure), uraemia, anaemia and infection may all have a bad effect on the outcomes for patients.
It is understood that Mr Gaitskell would have died from acute uraemia if an artificial kidney machine had not been brought into use.
In this case, other causes (cancer, uraemia, spontaneous cardiac rupture and recent heart surgery) were excluded.
E.coli are normal inhabitants of the human gastrointestinal tract and are the most frequently isolated bacteria from stools, while HUS is a life-threatening disease characterised by acute renal failure (uraemia), haemolytic anaemia and low platelet count.
He died of uraemia, as result of renal stones, at the early age of 54 in 1899.
Organic manic syndrome associated with advanced uraemia due to polycystic kidney disease.