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Synonyms for upwind

towards the side exposed to wind


Related Words

toward the wind


in the direction opposite to the direction the wind is blowing

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Whether we're in a taildragger or a tricycle-gear airplane, we want to prevent the wind from raising the upwind wing while taxiing.
Usually that means towing your long line rig a little upwind, downwind or further out, depending upon the situation, or occasionally making more room in the landing zone.
We consider two different finite difference schemes on the Shishkin mesh: upwind and central differences.
Determine drift direction and ease around upwind or off to the side of other drifting boats.
The procedures for aerodynamic roughness length estimation from SAR data are illustrated in Figure 4, which mainly include ALOS PALSAR data processing and backscattering analysis, ground truth aerodynamic roughness length calculation using the wind gradient data, correlation analysis between the backscattering coefficient and the ground truth aerodynamic roughness length for different upwind sectors of various dimensions, and ultimately establishing of a quantitative relationship and the aerodynamic roughness length mapping.
In this work, the tower and blade bending moments and deflections are analyzed based on the three-bladed and two-bladed; upwind and downwind wind turbines operating at 5 MW.
The Antarctic Peninsula provides one of the best natural laboratories in the world for the study of foehn: it presents a consistently high (up to ~2300 m), broad (~100 km), and long (~1500 km) quasi-2D barrier to the prevailing westerly flow, with homogeneous and relatively smooth upwind (maritime) and downwind (ice shelf) surface boundaries (see Fig.
"The change of route really does mix things up a little - it will be interesting and involve some hard upwind sailing to really test the competitors.
The previous year Upwind and Downwind teams at the eco-friendly school hoped to blow away arguments against a proposed wind turbine in its grounds.
This paper compares the mortality rates of people who live upwind and downwind of interstate highways in the Los Angeles metropolitan area where the winds often blow in the same direction.
Hung, a member of the Singapore team which won the world title last September in Poland, capitalised on some critical errors in the first upwind by Mohamed Daniel and Jodie Lai to take the win.
One fairly sober journalist reported he carefully stayed upwind of the fire the whole time, but even he had to "sit down and have a cup of tea' before he got control of himself enough to leave the scene.
The regulation requires Texas and other "upwind" states in the South, Midwest and Appalachia to cut certain emissions that contribute to air pollution in East Coast states like New York.
The procedure of deriving the modified equation (ME) for upwind difference approximation [5, 6] is very alike to computing the local truncation error.