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Synonyms for upwind

towards the side exposed to wind


Related Words

toward the wind


in the direction opposite to the direction the wind is blowing

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Vestas represents high quality technology and service and shares UpWind Solutions passion for excellence.
In which the Sx is wind shelter index or the maximum upwind slope (angle), A is the considered alongs azimuth which is coincident with the wind blowing direction, d max is the chosen distance along the wind (meter), ELV altitude (meter), (Xi,Yi) is the direction of the considered point, (Xv,Yv) is the direction of the points located on the dmax distance and along A.
Average bacterial counts over the sampling period were 2,800 colony forming units (CFU) per cubic meter of air at the upwind site; 84,000 CFU 165 feet downwind of the barn; and 7,900 CFU 655 feet from the barn.
impact of upwind states' emissions, and thus to pressure upwind
Instead, we opted for the simple fix of aggressively checking the flight right 30 and extended upwind.
We are excited to have an organization of the quality and breadth of experience of Upwind Technology supporting Imperas customers in Japan.
I am partial to loud high-pitched calls that can carry crosswind or upwind.
On no wind are you forced to be upwind of the most likely deer-holding cover.
Ainslie vowed to get even and yesterday, in the last of the 10 Finn races, slowed in the final upwind leg after a storming start in a bid to rattle then second-placed Hogh-Christensen.
Having got off to a storming start and built up a lead, the Macclesfield-born sailor slowed in the final upwind leg in a bid to slow down Hogh-Christensen, who was in second.
By race five the breeze had settled in its new direction, with Martin Faulkner and Jacqui Taylor rounding first with great upwind speed.
The study is limited to the standard large modern upwind turbines with three aerofoil shaped bladed and a rotor diameter of around 60 meters or more with pitch or stall control.
The fleet aren't getting away that fast, they're heading upwind and they're going to get a bit of a pounding tonight.
The upwind location was at the furthest upwind portion of the dairy's property line, over 100 m from the cattle.
Steep dunes that form upwind of an object such as a fence or building.