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Synonyms for upwardly

spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position

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Release date- 25072019 - A research study from Queen's University Belfast's Management School has found that members of Nazi organisations were more upwardly mobile and climbed higher up the social ladder than non-members during the Third Reich.
The international food prices' forecast, relevant to Egypt's consumption basket, was upwardly revised primarily because of higher prices of wheat and sugar, as a result of bad weather conditions affecting production prospects for both crops.
Economic activity in Poland is expected to advance by an upwardly revised 4.2 percent in 2018 and decelerate to 3.7 percent next year.
In addition to the link between greater discrimination and increases in income, Colen and her coauthors found a significant connection between discrimination and poor health for those who were young, black, and upwardly mobile.
Upwardly.in is a personal finance and wealth management service.
Mycronic AB (STO: 43720.ST) (Berlin: MLT.BE), a company engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of production equipment to the electronics industry, on Monday announced that it has upwardly adjusted its outlook for full year sales in 2014.
The expectations index rose to 92.7 from an upwardly revised 86.4, while the present situation index rose to 88.3 from an upwardly revised 86.3 in June.
According to dpa, output climbed by 0.8 per cent in January after growing by an upwardly revised 0.1 per cent in December, the Ministry of Economics said Friday.
According to Zachos, the interior design industry has, until now, ignored the aesthetic sensibilities of the upwardly mobile male who seeks a different living experience.
Star have been upwardly mobile since then though, and will arrive at Cloyne Crescent as favourites to progress.
The rate of increase was smaller than the upwardly revised 3.2 percent increase for December.
Summary: Most upwardly mobile managers know that an empowered team helps their performance, but a compulsion to control their own fate can cloud that awareness, says Harvard Business Review.
Family firm keep customers on move FAMILY-RUN firm Morrisons have been keeping people upwardly mobile for 80 years.
The US Commerce Department reported that privately-owned housing starts in March jumped 7.2 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 549,000 from upwardly revised annual rate of 512,000 in February, while economists' expected housing starts to climb to 520,000 in March.