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Antonyms for uptown

a residential part of town away from the central commercial district

of or located in the upper part of a town


toward or in the upper part of town


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(57) Glazer's attitude was in large part a response to elite criticism of the Yiddish-speaking newcomers who, according to lawyer and "uptowner" Maxwell Goldstein, not only established ghettos but "form their own synagogues ...
By one account, they were corralled and escorted there by uptowner Hyman Lightstone, who feared "mischief from the children." A veteran of both the Spanish-American and Boer wars, Lightstone was also a McGill-trained physician at the Baron de Hirsch Institute.
In the mid-'90s, while the uptowners were dining on sushi, taking in the symphony and watching their portfolios skyrocket, the suburbanites were eating egg-salad sandwiches at church picnics, voting for Jesse Helms and watching their paychecks' purchasing power dwindle.
"So I made this great prediction," Wolfe is saying, "'Picasso: The Bouguereau of the year 2020.'" But he admits to his audience, a mixed crowd of stylishly dressed uptowners, baseball-capped high schoolers, and women in black leather downtown chic, that "my prediction began to look very bad." Picassos brought fabulous prices at Sotheby's; the "art birds" began showing up at the auctions, "lissome young women with these glossy shanks which they keep crossing and uncrossing."
These days, Russian stevedores rub shoulders with uptowners from `Embra'.
That being said, it certainly makes sense that several thousand investment bankers who want to walk to work and "Uptowners" forced out by high prices will be lured Downtown to take advantage of the larger living spaces and lower costs of quality living.
Les societes de pret creees par les Juifs prennent deux formes tres distinctes, dont le contraste met en evidence un clivage fondamental et bien connu, celui qui oppose Uptowners et Downtowners.
Erdman's narrative portrays Silverman as a tool in the hands of irate and well-heeled uptowners, and to a degree exonerates him from the role of instigator of the action.