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a transaction in the stock market at a price above the price of the preceding transaction

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'We are not ruling out the possibility that there will still be an uptick in inflation.
Commercial vehicles will perform strongly due to an uptick in business confidence and rising capital expenditure with heavy trucks outperforming the segment due to an uptick in heavy construction activity.
Locations that mostly cater to the middle-end market, such as International Media Production Zone, The Greens and Motor City, even witnessed some price upticks.
The economy-related rise in home cooking has led to only scattered upticks across lifestyles and behavior stages in the consumption of baking chocolate.
Nationally, there were a couple of upticks in the average price of gasoline during the past week.
* Upticks in the equities market and the economy are boosting variable life sales.
* Storage proved its sensitivity to spending upticks and downticks.