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a transaction in the stock market at a price above the price of the preceding transaction

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The Uptick Personality Match Algorithm connects clients with a real Wellness Coach using in-app text messaging, video chat, and photo messaging.
Global oil prices dipped on Thursday after a surprise uptick in US crude stockpiles, but losses were tempered by growing concerns over turmoil in Turkey, analysts said.
It's an end-of-season uptick (just as happened with his beloved Aston Villa), because it comes at the end of his lengthy term of office.
Companies such as XINNIX, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, are responding to this uptick in demand.
According to the paper, Instagram's uptick was undoubtedly tied to the start-up's expansion onto Google's platform of Android phones.
The uptick in online recruitment over recent months has been gradual, and suggests employers remain cautious about increasing their workforce before further economic improvement," commented Andrea Bertone, head of Monster Europe.
The uptick rule requires that a stock rise in price before it can be sold short.
Bicycle stores in the city generally see an uptick in business after the Tour de France is broadcast.
In spite of a minor uptick in vacancy forecast by year end, New York City is still expected to post the lowest overall vacancy rate and strongest rent growth in the nation.
He also foresees an uptick in the number of students specializing in the attest function--a reflection, no doubt, of the increased emphasis placed on that art by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which mandates that outside auditors attest to the quality and effectiveness of the internal controls of public companies.
We've noticed a little uptick in the loss ratios of the guys who have reported.
Although the media went ballistic over the recent uptick from 12.
Increased internal and external demand for Taiwanese electronics components contributed to a strong uptick in industrial activity over the past 12 months.
Offshore outsourcing" (or offshoring) is the fashionable term for the recent uptick in service jobs contracted to firms in India, China, and other developing nations.
Though divisional general manager Mark LaNeve places a lot of the credit at the feet of his predecessor, John Smith, and the current GM leadership, he says there is more to the uptick in Cadillac's fortunes than corporate personalities.