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(geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building)

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Buoyancy is the force of upthrust by the water in the opposite direction to gravity.
The postorogenic granites and granite gneisses, mainly forming the crust above and around the upthrust blocks, are of nearly upper crust density, thus having only a minor influence on the gravity level.
But sight too -- the sinewy upthrust of old beech trees, the intimate entanglements of birch and hemlock roots, the grooved folds of ash bark, the blatant tropical plants.
Behind the maroon leather desk chair, beyond the cedar railing and peaked roofline, double stacked windows reveal more of the Montana mountainside vista: upthrust boulders, spiked treetops, sawtooth ridgelines, and an azure afternoon sky mirrored in lake water so clear and cold the thought of taking a drink makes your teeth ache.
What I remember are saturn-red vanes disappearing into the ripple behind his upthrust elbow.
Made of steel points upthrust through canvas backing, the small carpet is a sleek and brutal perceptual joke, the pins' velvety sheen belying their punishing surface.
Precision should be improved if the upthrust on the plummet were measured directly using a 4-place balance.
For instance, in Brazil, the okay sign with thumb and forefinger is equivalent to the upthrust middle finger sign in the U.
Connolly shared the idealism of Republican Spain, where he spent the Spanish Civil War, later writing: "The pervading sense of freedom, of intelligence, justice and companionship, the enormous upthrust in backward and penniless people of the desire for liberty and education, are things that have to be seen to be understood.
Despite geology's general and well-understood principles - the operation of faults, plate tectonics, upthrust, etc.
The horse is an anachronistic detail, recalling the prince's forebear, Archduke Rupert, who always arrived "in a flight of upturned cloak and hooves borne on an upthrust of baroque horse-buttock.
In Impressions #1 (1987) six women balance on each other's upthrust feet and hands or rotate slowly on their hips like statues on pedestals, posed in flesh-and-blood translations of Henry Moore's visions in metal and stone.
The small upthrust marks one of 23 ancient burial sites within the trailer park, located about 200 miles northwest of Minneapolis.
But because helium is so lightweight, it has lots of lifting power, or upthrust.