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4) Downward rigidity in wages implies that the rate of change of wages/prices becomes less sensitive to the level of the unemployment/output gap when the economy moves from an upswing phase to a downswing phase.
Amid the deflation of Japan's post-bubble era, every upswing in real GDP growth has proved to be a false dawn.
Starr, the daughter of Mali's father's best friend, is found brutally murdered just as she's on an upswing from drugs and prostitution.
Duff & Phelps' GMAC ratings incorporate Duff & Phelps' view that GM's North American reorganization plans will result in a more competitive product line as well as GM's efforts to address its underfunded pension plans during the current cyclical upswing in auto sales.
However, there may not be another upswing in thrift finances.
5 million units in 1993, and will continue its upswing, reaching anticipated shipments of 54.
In fact, for the economy as a whole, North America has experienced (and is still experiencing) the longest upswing in the business cycle of the postwar period, with overall economic growth in the range of 5% per year over the last several years.
Calling out to financial advisors and financial institutions such as wirehouses, broker-dealer enterprises, and advisory firms of all sizes, Upswing CRM announced today a new "Spring Awakening '08" promotion for the forthcoming release of "Upswing CRM for Wealth Management.
Global Banking News-September 3, 2015--Philippine central bank expecting upswing for peso
Summary: BERLIN -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Saturday that it's important to avoid doing anything that could endanger the global economic upswing as Europe battles the debt crisis in Greece and beyond.
Declining psychiatric-hospital treatment for children and teens during the study period may have boosted the number of kids with mental disorders seen in physicians' offices, contributing to the upswing in antipsychotic prescriptions, the researchers say.
Quality racing, on the other hand, would not be its strongest point, which perhaps explains why Upswing was able to lose his maiden tag at the 22nd attempt in a rather uninspiring 0-95 two-mile handicap chase.
Demand was down after a summer of heavily hyped discounts, and automakers warned that they don't expect an upswing in November.
While some vacancies still exist on Broadway, leasing velocity is on the upswing.
The bank credited lower operating expenses, greater recoveries of non-performing loans and a 30% increase in fee income for the upswing.