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Synonyms for upsurge

Synonyms for upsurge

Synonyms for upsurge

a sudden forceful flow

a sudden or abrupt strong increase


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In addition to proven SEO services Canada</a>'s UpSurge Solutions provides turnkey website design and management solutions, too.
The developments in Tunisia and the stretch of the popular upsurge to Egypt and Yemen have clear evidence that several Arab regimes are against the will of their peoples," Sadriddin al-Gubbanchy said in his Friday Speech in Najaf's Fatimiya Husseiniya (Shiite Mosque), describing the protests in those countries as an "Islamic Arab Revival and popular uprsurge to create change.
aaa However, he noted, thanks to government support through the fund of compensation, the effects of this upsurge has had no impact on the purchasing power of our citizens, nor on production factors.
A crackdown on deer poaching was launched yesterday to tackle the upsurge in the trade before Christmas.
In the malfunction, its computer system's handling of applications was delayed as it was inundated with a sudden upsurge in the number of applications to shift to the au service, during a short span of time.
The Rise of the Communication Function in Spain's Financial Sector by Elena Gutierrez Recent changes in Spain's financial sector have led to an upsurge in the importance of communication departments.
More likely than either of these extremes is that dollar depreciation might come at a time when the rest of the world is still enjoying an economic upsurge along the lines predicted by the International Monetary Fund, the OECD, and similar organizations.
Officials said they have not documented a recent upsurge in reported scams.
The first sale was also handled by the G/S sales director, he success of the current deal, DeGennaro commented, was assured by a confluence of events accented with a long overdue upsurge in the Asbury Park investment property arena.
ULSTER cops have warned householders to be on the alert following an upsurge in so-called creeper burglaries by organised crime gangs.
While Christian Arabs, including Palestinians, are examining questions of faith, many Muslims appear to be taking an interest because of an upsurge in hatred against Jews now sweeping the Middle East.
Much of the upsurge is attributable to the nations new role as a supplier and transit point for goods designed for the reconstruction of Iraq.
Much of the recent upsurge in handmade filmmaking in Canada, and particularly Toronto, can be attributed to Phil Hoffman and the week-long workshop he has been running on his farm in rural Ontario since 1994.
WINNINGTON continued their recent upsurge with an overwhelming victory in the second round of the Powergen Intermediate Cup at Burrows Hill.
In this year's volume, the authors report on an upsurge in consumer demand for eco-friendly products.