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Synonyms for upsurge

Synonyms for upsurge

Synonyms for upsurge

a sudden forceful flow

a sudden or abrupt strong increase


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young children it can cause and said a low prompt antibiotics the as The magnitude of the recent upsurge is greater than any documented in the last century.
We first fitted a model with age, sex, and a linear time trend variable for the whole study period, allowing for change in slope after the upsurge, and found a significant change in the linear time trend after the 2011 upsurge (p<0.
Embassy is greatly concerned about an upsurge in political violence with attacks against the Rjje TV station in Male and PPM party headquarters in Addu.
According to The Independent, out of the 20 clubs, which responded to requests of data, in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, 18 said they had seen an upsurge.
Crucially, the upsurge has also called for the banning of economic and social institutions in sectors like banking, education, etc where the Jamt holds the reigns.
The visit by Mukherjee, invested with a lot of symbolism, takes place in the backdrop of spiralling violence by Jamt-e-Islami, whose three leaders have been convicted by an international war crimes tribunal of genocide, rape and crimes against humanity during Bangladesh's liberation war in 1971, and a popular upsurge mostly by youths at the Shahbagh Square in central Dhaka pressing for death penalty for war criminals.
economy causing upsurge in equipment purchases(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Portia Manangazira said the upsurge in the number of influenza cases is typical in winter but what is worrying is the number of cases of the H3N2 influenza that have been recorded.
The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement Monday condemning the upsurge of violent Taliban activity in Afghanistan's capital Kabul.
CAIRO, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- A few days after Syrian regime's acceptance of extending its mandate, the Arab League suspended Saturday the observers' mission over upsurge in violence in Syria.
NAJAF / The Preacher of the Shiite holy city of Najaf has described the escape of Tunisian President from his country, followed by the popular upsurge in Egypt and Yemem, as an "Islamic Arab Revival" against their leaders, who are ruling outside the will of masses, expecting the stretch of the upsurge to other Middle East states and the whole world, demanding the Iraqi government to "improve services in order to avoid the confrontation of the people's anger.
LONDON/ISLAMABAD, February 01, 2010 (Frontier Star): Following grave reaction of the Opposition, various coalition partners in the Ruling Party on Monday strongly rejected upsurge in petroleum products adding it is yet another bomb shell on the ill-fated masses.
lt;p>aaa The financial situation of Moroccan banking institutions has significantly improved in recent years, thanks mainly to the strengthening of banking supervision in general and the stabilization of the public financial sector in particular, the minister said, adding that the upsurge in the energy and food products had an impact on our balance of payments and our public finances.
A crackdown on deer poaching was launched yesterday to tackle the upsurge in the trade before Christmas.
In the malfunction, its computer system's handling of applications was delayed as it was inundated with a sudden upsurge in the number of applications to shift to the au service, during a short span of time.