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a stroke normally made in an upward direction

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In the upstroke, short-stroke press, the working stroke is performed by the bed plate that's driven by several short-stroke cylinders.
3,13) However, secondary signs, such as increased resistance in the arterial waveform, diastolic flow reversal, with preservation of a brisk systolic upstroke, may be the main finding to suggest renal vein thrombosis.
Working principle of non-leakage sucker pump is shown in figure 2, during the upstroke, the traveling valve is closed and the fixed valve on the bottom of the pump barrel is open, the pressure of plunger inner cavity is high, the pressure of pump barrel under the plunger is low, the outer of plunger is connected to pump barrel cavity, because of the pressure difference between inside and outside of the plunger, the elastic sealing body deforms and then swells outwards to the inside wall of pump barrel, forming good seal and making the leakage almost zero.
1 for the LR1 model, as the latter requires a smaller time step in order to handle the stiffness of the upstroke part of the action potential.
The second station is where a fresh primer gets pressed into the case, and this is usually done on the upstroke, as the operator has a better feel for the operation.
Federal-Mogul's LKZ ring combines a stepped surface and taper on its contacting edge, which provides a well-defined pressure to the cylinder wall on the downstroke and a significantly lesser effect on the upstroke.
Dual strike impactors hit on the upstroke and the downstroke, improving Peak Probability Stress Distribution with an increased number of high force impact occurrences and a more evenly distributed force profile.
The findings not only help explain why bats and some birds tuck in their wings on the upstroke, but could also help inform human designers of small flapping vehicles.
Joos DLP Feedthru Press Automated upstroke PLC control.
The Dual Action Pumping System (DAPS), developed jointly by Texaco and Dresser Oil Tools, is a downhole oil-water separation technology that produces oil and water on the upstroke, while injecting water on the downstroke, using gravity segregation in the annulus.
During the upstroke of the needle beam, the fibers are released from the barbs and interlocking is established.
For instance, we routinely transfer on the upstroke, and put mechanical safety clutches in all our servo-mechanically driven transfer mechanisms.
For the Model 110, Brewer embraced the universally-accepted principle whereby the upstroke of the handle forces a cocking cam to ride a helical surface--the cam notch--thereby compressing the mainspring until the nose of the cam engages a retaining notch, thus holding the firing pin in the cocked position.
Furthermore they demonstrated that this relative reluctance to produce action potential arises from changes to the activation properties of membrane proteins called sodium channels, which mediate the rapid upstroke of the action potential by allowing a flow of sodium ions into neurones.