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a stroke normally made in an upward direction

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Pressure waves are created as the piston moves from the upstroke to the down stroke position, eliminating any creation of dead volume space within the fluidic/pump body.
The used of the two type of shoe-pedal interfaces allows to complete our results by separating the effect of non-circular chainring on the pedalling kinetics only during the downstroke phase (simple pedal without linkage) and during both downstroke and upstroke phases (clipless).
4) How does the difference in speed of the lateral flagellum during the rapid downstroke versus the slower upstroke affect water movement through the aesthetasc array?
Work is being done on a 36,000-kN, upstroke short-stroke press from Schuler AG (schulergroup.
Sympathetic stimulation increases conduction velocity, whereas ischemia tends to decrease the conduction velocity by slowing the rapid upstroke (phase 0) of the ventricular action potential.
An experimental works was be conducted in the wind tunnel facility provided by Riga technical University, which consisted of testing a wing's drag coefficient and its variation between the upstroke and the down stroke.
Both beam engines have the parallelogram mechanism that James Watt invented to replace chains, and that doubled the power of such engines as the upstroke of a piston also became a power stroke.
They go on to show that another bone -- the pisiform -- was lost in bird-like dinosaurs, but then re-acquired in the early evolution of birds, probably as an adaptation for flight, where it allows transmission of force on the downstroke while restricting flexibility on the upstroke.
Dr Michail Nomikos, also from Cardiff University's School of Medicine and the study's lead author, explained why this biological equilibrium becomes unstable: "When calcium levels rise the heart contracts and when the calcium levels drop the heart muscle relaxes, similar to the upstroke and downstroke of a motor engine.
One result was that the muscle activation and relaxation follows a distinct pattern during flight: They tense on the downstroke and relax on the upstroke.
One such pump works on the principle of a closed loop control system along with two sensors to track the position of a piston and armature yoke which holds the piston during the upstroke, as well as the downstroke, motion.
The thickness of the spiral arm indicates the amount of depolarized tissue between the action potential upstroke and the depolarization phase.
9), donde levanta completamente las aletas, es similar a la fase extension o ala extendida totalmente (Brown 1948), que es equivalente a la llamada upstroke (Videler 2005).
Most jigsaw blades cut on the upstroke, so chips and splinters occur mostly on the top of the wood.
The aortic PWV (in meters per second) was calculated automatically as the distance between the suprasternal notch and the femoral artery minus the distance between the carotid sampling site and the suprasternal notch divided by the time interval between systolic R-wave and femoral systolic upstroke minus the time interval between systolic R-wave and carotid systolic upstroke.