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Synonyms for upstream

in the direction against a stream's current


toward the source or against the current

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8220;Call Center Week is an ideal occasion for demonstrating Upstream Works' latest upgrades, to keep our clients and ourselves current with the industry's cutting edge technologies and to build mutually beneficial relationships,” said Rob McDougall, Upstream Works President.
In his new role as Executive Officer and Head of Upstream, David will report directly to H.
We confine our attention to the duopoly case where the upstream wage is negotiated through union-manufacturer bargaining and discuss the different effects that the bargaining power of the union has on the upstream and downstream mergers, respectively.
Drake says Upstream has a history in product assurance testing that it is using to build business assurance models that focus on four principal criteria: security, continuity, reliability and quality.
At least METI's upstream business strategy is growing a little clearer: It has been putting an emphasis on gaining more so-called "self development oil fields"--oil fields in which Japanese oil companies are directly involved in the development work from the earliest stages of the business.
Also, it is not entirely clear whether the analysis could encompass an upstream C reorganization, in light of the recent publication of the "anti-Bausch & Lomb" regulations at Regs.
UPSTREAM Director, an Explorer-like graphical Java interface provides operational and administrative management from virtually anywhere in the enterprise.
In its capacity as a contractor/partner for the managed care organization, the provider group should be held accountable for the delivery of all services they provide on behalf of the upstream partner.
The Upstream Commerce solution is a sophisticated cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology that uses advanced artificial intelligence, semantic analysis, data-mining, and image-recognition algorithms.
7 Upstream Expenditure, Revenues, Reserves of leading companies
8220;Upstream Works Contact Center Agent desktop is a role tailored interface that provides full multichannel capabilities and automation across your existing application set,” said Rob McDougall, Upstream Works President.
Jesse Spencer portrays Australian swimming champion Anthony Fingleton in ``Swimming Upstream,'' Fingleton's account of his upbringing at the hands of an abusive father.
Following the acquisition merger and as part of the plan, T merges into X in a statutory merger (the upstream merger).
Upstream from Atlanta, the water in the Chattahoochee River is clean; downriver, the chemical signs of human habitation and industrial activity abound, says W.
com/research/a35c67/upstream_processin) has announced the addition of the "Upstream Processing in Biopharmaceuticals - Increasing use of Low-Cost Disposable Bioreactors to Drive the Upstream Bioprocessing Market" report to their offering.
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