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Synonyms for upstanding

Synonyms for upstanding

directed or pointed upward

having or marked by uprightness in principle and action

Synonyms for upstanding

meriting respect or esteem


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Good players can put the ball either side of you, so it is important to be upstanding until the last possible moment.
When CE featured him in a cover story years later, Lay exhibited all the characteristics of an upstanding entrepreneur who took justifiable pride in his organization and the people with whom he worked in building it into a global energy trading giant.
Ordinarily upstanding people are tapping in, and many say it doesn't feet Like theft because it doesn't seem to take anything away from anyone.
Water moving back and forth rises and falls in upstanding legs of the U, flows through adjustable louvers that create turbulence and provide damping by turning water motion into heat.
Sid Glazzard, John Griffiths, Alan Knight, Mike Loftus, Chris Rosier and Julian Shellard, all upstanding members of the city's property community, sought to consign their pet hates to Room 101.
The pair of fringes is capable of being biased upward to form a pair of upstanding side wails when placed in an undergarment.
Upstanding is a closely held software development company providing enterprise software solutions to businesses for 14 years.
Before long, folks like [Graver] Norquist and [Jack] Abramoff were talking up the virtues of international sons of liberty like Angola's Jonas Savimbi and Congo's dictator Mobutu Sese Seko--all while receiving compensation from these upstanding gentlemen .
After a weekend spent recovering from the enthralling Cheltenham Festival, racing fans can give a helping hand to the bank balance with Be Upstanding over the sticks at Hereford today.
In America's particular mix of racist patriarchy and homophobia, the clean, upstanding, hyper-heterosexualized, black male body has long been the gold standard of black cultural and personal worth.
The Associated Press quoted him on November 26 as saying of Williams and Jensen, "We are delighted to be part of a community with such fine and upstanding citizens.
The Ultimate MBA draws upon the wisdom of the Bible to illustrate the power of positive, compassionate, and upstanding policies, and describes in plain terms the importance of building lasting institutions upon values.
Its two principles--maximum efficiency and mutual benefit and welfare--are designed to develop character and upstanding citizenship, social objectives that set judo apart from many other physical activities.
The fine, upstanding interim pastor falls in love with a single mother of four children.
government, especially in the judiciary, McCotter replied that, since the rejection of the Bork nomination to the Supreme Court, a third criterion--"politically acceptable"--has been added to the original two criteria for suitability for judicial positions at the federal level: professional qualifications and upstanding moral character.