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a selfish actor who upstages the other actors

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So their human trainers deserve most of the credit, with most of the animal "stars" merely providing the physical beauty, cuteness or uniqueness that make them such feared upstagers of human actors in their own right!
In addition to maintaining a busy The Real Live Show schedule, Work is also expanding his profile with new and exciting collaborations, such as fronting the Parisian-born jazz-hop band Nedjma and developing his hip-hop cabaret concept group, The Upstagers. You can learn more about Malik Work at
Georgie, whose only previous acting experience was with a kids' drama group The Upstagers, adds: "Sometimes we had to act against nothing, like the scene where there is a frozen waterfall and it's quite hard because we had to pretend we had fallen at great speed down the river.
Career low: All those early years of frustration treading the boards with local am-dram group The Ilkley Upstagers.
She went on to join her local am-dram society, Upstagers, where she stole the limelight from actors twice her age.