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to adopt a standing posture

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These women are genuine inventors, which has led to very strong distribution for UpSpring products.
UpSpring Baby's Milkscreen(TM) home test for alcohol in breast milk was recently picked up by Target and Walgreens.
3 /PRNewswire/ -- UpSpring Baby(TM) today announced that its Milkscreen(TM) home test for alcohol in breast milk is now available for purchase over-the-counter at over 6,000 Walgreens drugstores across the U.
Prior to joining SensAble, Bruce held senior positions in marketing, operations and business development for several of the industry's leading technology companies including Computervision, Matra Datavision, DH Brown Associates and Upspring Software.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- UpSpring, a new Austin based child and parenting product company, which markets new innovations in the child development and safety category, announces the launch of their signature brand, Walking Wings (http://www.
Prior to joining Eprise, Noonan was vice president of world sales and service for Upspring Software, an e-business software infrastructure solutions provider.
MKS Engineer Integrity SE (contains the award-winning CodeRover browser product from UPSPRING Software) enhances overall software quality and minimizes risk for developers building or reengineering C/C++ and/or Java code.
Now that we have taken our advanced technologies from our enterprise-wide DISCOVER development information system and created a new line of desktop applications for the individual developer, we are excited to be in a position to partner with well-known and trusted international software marketers like Programmers Paradise," said Bruce Boes, vice president of marketing and business development at UPSPRING.
This is MKS' fourth award from Software Development magazine, and the first for its CodeRover product, a new addition to the MKS product line resulting from the company's acquisition of UPSPRING Software in March of this year.
Additionally, UPSPRING consulted with a number of its customers to determine which particular measures were of the most concern, and has highlighted them within the SQB.
Objectools provides us with increased exposure to a number of our key vertical markets where we have proven success," said Bruce Boes, vice president of marketing and business development of UPSPRING Software.
Read the entire Hurwitz Group report, "Tapping the Source of eBusiness Infrastructure Software Success," on UPSPRING Software's Web site at http://www.
WATERLOO) MKS Announces the Acquisition of UPSPRING Software
Many traditional IT organizations have taken their internal systems and opened them up to the outside world and the scrutiny of their customers and partners," cites Dave Champagne, president and CEO of UPSPRING Software, Inc.