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the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet

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With partner and former jump jockey David Parker, she trains 11 horses, including the Ray Anderson Green-owned Upsilon Bleu, who has never been out of the money in 12 starts for Robson.
By both private investors and RenRe, Upsilon Re II is capitalized Upsilon Re II is capitalised, distributing $185 million of fully-collateralised reinsurance capacity.
4 If we bear in mind that Ossetian introduced a prothetic vowel into words that originally began with a consonant cluster, and if--as we noted above--we allow for the possibility that the upsilon of ksun reflects the secondary raising of an Indo-European *o, it becomes possible to reconstruct Lt common forerunner of both dxsun and [zeta] [upsilon] v.
The gas-giant planet, named upsilon Andromedae b, orbits tightly around its star, with one face perpetually boiling under the star's heat.
Houston Community College financial aid associate Paul Negrete was inducted into Delta Mu Delta, Eta Upsilon Chapter at the University of St.
Gleason was an active brother in the Delta Upsilon Fraternity at Tufts; spent two years as a volunteer with a program for children; was elected lead trainer for underclass Tufts athletes; and was a member of a club that provides positive reinforcement to underprivileged adults.
The new Wales Chapter, which will be called Upsilon Xi, is a joint enterprise between Swansea and Cardiff universities and provides an opportunity for nurses to become part of this global community of nurse leaders.
The former Delta Upsilon building - at 1867 and 1893 Alder St.
There's only about one motion-sensing cell, called an upsilon cell, for every 10,000 rods and cones, he says.
Hurt but not defeated, Blair first joined a sorority that was more accepting of lesbians, but last summer she formed a new sorority for lesbian and bisexual women: Alpha Chi Upsilon.
Part of his nonchalance no doubt stems from the fact that kegs are already prohibited at the eight or so bashes a month that his fraternity, Delta Upsilon, helps throw.
One star, Upsilon Andromedae, is located 44 light years (the distance light travels in one year--about 6 trillion miles or 9.
PAULINE ROBSON yesterday shrugged off the freezing temperatures and vowed Upsilon Bleu will be in shape to do himself justice when he takes on Sire De Grugy on Saturday.