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the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet

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Dinner and drinks would be served, Upsilon said in a statement on Wednesday.
It was at this moment, outside the Delta Upsilon Fraternity house, that while police were attempting to de-escalate the situation, members of the fraternity began recording the interaction, as well as shouting a variety of obscenities at the Committee," the legion said in (http://bloximages.
With partner and former jump jockey David Parker, she trains 11 horses, including the Ray Anderson Green-owned Upsilon Bleu, who has never been out of the money in 12 starts for Robson.
IN FORM Upsilon Bleu in action at Kelso in February
By both private investors and RenRe, Upsilon Re II is capitalized Upsilon Re II is capitalised, distributing $185 million of fully-collateralised reinsurance capacity.
RenaissanceRe Holdings Ltd (NYSE:RNR), a provider of reinsurance and insurance, stated on Thursday that it has formed a new Bermuda domiciled special purpose insurance vehicle, Upsilon Reinsurance II Ltd (Upsilon Re II), creating additional reinsurance capacity in the global aggregate retrocessional reinsurance market.
The Upsilon UB140 gas fired models can each deliver 140kW output, and the A.
Following induction of new members into Zeta Upsilon, we will honor Charter Members and Past Presidents at a celebratory luncheon.
For just over a decade, astronomers have known that three Jupiter-type planets orbit the yellow-white dwarf star Upsilon Andromedae.
There's only about one motion-sensing cell, called an upsilon cell, for every 10,000 rods and cones, he says.
Hurt but not defeated, Blair first joined a sorority that was more accepting of lesbians, but last summer she formed a new sorority for lesbian and bisexual women: Alpha Chi Upsilon.
At NYIT he was chosen as a member of Nu Upsilon Tau Honor's Society; received the Honor's Program Award for Excellence for having the highest GPA among architecture students; earned the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence; and won an Atadost Literature Award for creative writing.
Part of his nonchalance no doubt stems from the fact that kegs are already prohibited at the eight or so bashes a month that his fraternity, Delta Upsilon, helps throw.
In the search for excellence and professional commitment to the computing and information technology field, the Executive Council of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) and the Membership Activities Board of ACM announces the UPE ACM Student Chapter Scholarship Award.