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Synonyms for upside

the highest or uppermost side of anything

References in classic literature ?
But the creatures led their captives away from the rocks and the road, down the hill by a side path until they came before a low mountain of rock that looked like a huge bowl turned upside down.
Alec meanwhile had apparently taken Aunt Plenty at her word, and was turning the house upside down.
There was an old barrel there, upside down, one side resting on a block of wood.
In both cases the conditions of agriculture are firmly established; but among us now, when everything has been turned upside down and is only just taking shape, the question what form these conditions will take is the one question of importance in Russia," thought Levin.
Presently she would go and do things among the beehives; and after that, if that brought no solace, she would go in and turn the house upside down and get dusty and tired.
We fixed it, not exactly upside down - more sideways like - and we tied it up to the mast with the painter, which we cut off for the purpose.
com)-- DC-based business travel start-up Upside has tapped Philadelphia digital analytics firm MaassMedia to develop a multi-channel marketing analytics platform that will provide the website's executive, marketing, and content teams with data and insights to inform strategic and tactical planning decisions.
All this is possible because the traveler chooses their flights and hotel on Upside.
But Pastor Olson takes things a step farther, highlighting for us that, in the readings assigned for the final Sundays after Epiphany and Lent, God turns everything upside down.
Upside Down is a simple, sharply vertical board book for young readers with a twist--it's meant to be read, then flipped over and read the other way "upside down"
When they turn upside down, it means you're upside down.
Upside Ventures has announced it has been appointed the exclusive marketing and sales agent for a 61,000 s/f, six-story, mixed-use apartment building located at 315 East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx.
ContractBuddy is an extension of the Edmonton, Alberta-based Upside Software's product line, which includes the award-winning UpsideContract.
By combining the purchase of a protective put with the sale of a covered call, you can create a protective collar, offering downside protection and limiting upside potential, with little or no out-of-pocket cost.
Everything in the image is normal except it is all upside down.