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(auction) the minimum price at which a seller of property will entertain bids

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became common practice for courts to impose an "upset price"
founder if the court set a high upset price. (136) Particularly after
According to Kalili, over 600 bidders were registered for the 120 erven (potentially 5 prospective bidders per erf) up for sale and from the onset the upset price was quickly forgotten as the first lot went for N$700 per m2 or N$560,000 in total.
In part to protect the interests of investors dissatisfied with reorganization plans (called dissenters), in 1885 federal courts began to establish "upset prices" for each of the claims of the defaulted railroad.(27) The upset price was the amount of cash a dissenting security holder had to be paid by the assenting security holders in the event of a successful reorganization.
"With upset prices accelerating by 196% in 15 months, there is a serious need to rethink the current land delivery model because N$400 per sqm is not affordable for 60% of Windhoek households who will never afford land in Windhoek, let alone housing."