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Synonyms for uproot

Synonyms for uproot

Synonyms for uproot

move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment


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destroy completely, as if down to the roots

pull up by or as if by the roots

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Critique: Impressively informed and informative, exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Uprooting Racism" continues to be an accessible, personal, supportive, and 'real world' practical guide is ideal for students, community activists, teachers, youth workers, and anyone who is interested in promoting and protecting diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice.
This followed the uprooting earlier of 120 olive trees in Wadi Qana.
Local government authorities were also present for to witness the uprooting of qat, in the land of the two farmers, which took place on February 23.
The EU obliges all member states to promote the uprooting of non-sustainable vineyards, offering compensation to interested producers.
The company went to the High Court in a bid to obtain an immediate order permanently banning protesters from uprooting their plants at trial sites.
Behind the massive global dimensions of today's uprooting are individual stories of pain, of families being torn apart, of despair and suffering.
As he writes: "It is estimated that the erosion of the soil from the western slopes of the Judaean mountains reached--as a result of the agricultural uprooting during the Muslim period--the gigantic extent of 2,000 to 4,000 cubic meters [and] in a survey made by Guy in 1938 on the region of Rehovet-Ramla-Lod-Ramallah, he found that out of 293 towns, 193 were abandoned, apparently mainly because of soil erosion".
On Friday, strong winds and a thunderstorm hit the area at about 7.45pm causing damage to business premises, uprooting trees, some of which hit vehicles, and leaving electrical cables lying on roads.
He said that uprooting olive trees has been frequent in that area as part of a plan by the settlers to make life difficult for the Palestinians in order to get them to leave it and expand their settlements built illegally on Palestinian lands.
The farmer and landowner Hijazi al-Tarshan said that the occupation forces are pursuing a policy of vandalism and uprooting of trees and trying to prevent farmers from working in their lands in this area near the wall of racist expansion in preparation for the seizure.
cultural and technical works on the uprooting of a non-fruitful garden (uprooting stumps, backfilling pits, uprooting shrubs on canal slopes, developing soil into heaps, leveling cavaliers (heaps), planning areas on the land plot of the bfu 11.
Tourists as well as locals are upset about the uprooting of these trees as Chinar trees are considered as heritage in Kashmir valley.
After the survey of the site, the communication and works department recommended in PC-I cutting of 1,662 trees with plantation of 800 fresh saplings because uprooting of trees was necessary for the smooth flow of existing traffic.
The Israel Defense Forces have been accused of uprooting olive trees to facilitate the building of settlements, expanding roads and creating infrastructure.
Ganem said the colonists could carry out the uprooting only with the support of the Israeli Army, which provided them with the necessary protection.