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Synonyms for uproarious

Synonyms for uproarious

uncontrollably noisy

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marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter

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Uproarious scenes were witnessed as Opposition MLAs moved towards the speaker's dais, waved the placards and banners and staged a sit-in protest in the well of the House.
Meet the Guilbys is a wacky adventure of misfits and bungles, uproarious fun
My First Comedy Album is an uproarious stand-up comedy act on audio CD.
There has never been an Olympics opening ceremony that other nations haven't sniggered gently at - the genuinely uproarious laughter comes from those who stage it.
Fiji Random is an uproarious adventure, inspired by the art style of manga (Japanese comics), following the antics of 16-year-old Fiji, her family, and her friends in the course of their crazily chaotic day-to-day life.
The latest production by the busy company, which gives more than 200 performances in 70-plus theatres each year, is an uproarious take on Gilbert & Sullivan's Ruddigore and can be seen at the Lawrence Batley Theatre next week.
Her character's actions are overtly governed by rules, all calibrated to cause conflict, so that simmering resentments boil over into an almighty, uproarious melee.
A touching and frequently uproarious character study.
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee'' An uproarious musical comedy about middle-schoolers facing the challenge of tricky words and their own personal demons as they reach for the top in the annual spelling bee.
His incredible impersonations break all five seasons down into one, exhilarating, and uproarious tour-de-force parody performance.
The fiesta, an uproarious blend of hair-raising daily bull runs and all-night partying, was immortalised in Ernest Hemingway's 1926 novel The Sun Also Rises.
His range of transcriptions is astonishingly wide: clarity and precision for a Bach cello suite; uproarious swagger for Bernstein's Candide overture; a light but imaginative touch for pop songs like Burt Bacharach's Alfie.
Vettel celebrated in uproarious fashion by spinning doughnuts in front of the grandstand, the report said.
Among the Merseyside residents cropping up in unusual circumstances are Henry and Mary Glanister, arrested on their wedding night after the bride's mother kicked off an almighty fight having become 'so overcome with emotion and liquor that she became uproarious and fell into the hands of the police'.
35pm BBC1) GRAHAM'S sofa has seen some great stars this series, but the biggest laugh in last week's uproarious show was provided by a guest who wasn't even invited - a house fly that Chris O'Dowd almost swallowed when it landed in his glass of water.