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Synonyms for uproar

Synonyms for uproar

a condition of intense public interest or excitement

an interruption of regular procedure or of public peace

sounds or a sound, especially when loud, confused, or disagreeable

offensively loud and insistent utterances, especially of disapproval

Synonyms for uproar

loud confused noise from many sources

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If a man among this crowd, whose uproar strikes us deaf, crosses the threshold of the House of Commons, I swear to run my sword that moment--not into his, but into your body!'
So terrific was the uproar that several ladies had already beaten a hurried retreat.
The Danaans then fled panic-stricken towards their ships, and all was uproar and confusion.
Shortly after mid-day, a great uproar of shouting and cheering broke out in the camp, with mustering of men and calling of bugles.
If there had been uproar and shouting before, it was as naught to the noise which now broke forth.
If they hear any groaning or uproar as of men fighting about the house, they are not to come out, but are to keep quiet and stay where they are at their work."
After a while the tide of war rolled back, but with far less uproar. Either it had been a false alarm, or the enemy had retreated on finding themselves discovered, and quiet was restored to the village.
In a word, they are the same folly, the same childishness, the same ill-breeding, and the same ill-nature, which raise all the clamours and uproars both in life and on the stage.
Ali Karimi, the most popular soccer player currently on the field in Iran, was fired last month for breaking the Ramadan fast, but has now been re-hired after an uproar from fans.
Following the uproar, Mr Obama admitted he could have "calibrated those words differently".
"The last three years presenting The Northern Uproar allowed me to break some fantastic new bands from the region and I'll be doing more of the same with the new show."
In return for marketing Pearson game shows and getting plugs for its web sites on TV, Uproar issued Pearson with one million shares, listed on the Vienna stock exchange.
In response to a public uproar, the lab's managers said the reactor would remain closed down while they assessed the situation.
The Ministry of Culture accepted my proposal, and then suddenly there was an uproar and I was being asked to go back on almost all my most important premises.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 09 (ANI): The Rajya Sabha on Tuesday was adjourned for over two hours at a stretch following Opposition's uproar over the political situation in Karnataka.