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toward the source or against the current

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If this was the oldest and original crossing point between Newcastle and Gateshead, the hydraulic Swing Bridge, with its ingenious engineering opened in 1876, allowing large ships to sail upriver for the first time, enabling them to reach Armstrong's giant Elswick works and Dunston Staiths as Tyneside industry boomed.
This study of the Cantonese diaspora along southern ChinaAEs West River basin investigates how Cantonese families and lineages adapted to upriver migration.
Advisories warning about the dangers of fish consumption span 200 miles of river, with warnings to eat no fish caught upriver.
As we seek to help others to pursue justice, we need to focus upriver, on the root causes of the injustice.
In order to elucidate interspecific trophic relationships diet overlap among species at the upriver site at each 4 h interval was examined using the equation of Morisita (1959) as modified by Horn (1966):
The deal also would have given upriver customers a vote in utility commissioners elections.
The smaller ship can go 900 miles upriver for an overnight stay at Manaus - venue for Roy Hodgson's side's match up ve against Italy two months later in June - via Santarem and Parintins.
He describes the colony of Charlestown, the first settler of Boston (William Blaxton), the bridges over the river, Cambridge, Brookline, the Back Bay, Brighton, Tory Row, Watertown, Newton, the Bemis Mills, Auburndale-on-the-Charles and Norumbega, Waltham, Hemlock Gorge and the Upper Falls, the Lower Falls, Dedham, upriver towns, the Charles River Basin, and other places, as well as the roles of John Oldham, John Eliot, and Francis and Freelan Stanley.
The animal was captured on video near Blackfriars Bridge in central London by officers on board a Metropolitan Police river launch who were responding to calls that a small pod of porpoises had been seen making its way upriver.
uk SEAL PICTURES See pictures of the seal that swam upriver to the Midlands - go to www.
Perhaps the film's most haunting aspect is the refusal, by police and prosecutors who ignored exonerating evidence and sent five boys upriver, to offer the filmmakers a word of remorse.
Or, take the short run upriver to the famous Sponge Docks and eat some of the best Greek food you'll ever taste at Yiannis or Dimitri's On The Water.
After eight months in which schoolkids used to play soccer on the dry riverbed, upriver rainfall started water trickling and then flowing down the Zayandeh River through Esfahan last Monday.
The move raised protests by upriver countries (Sudan and Egypt) which have the lion share the water resources on basis of a treaty signed during colonial era.