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in an honorable manner


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Always more uprightly learneth it to speak, the ego; and the more it learneth, the more doth it find titles and honours for the body and the earth.
More uprightly and purely speaketh the healthy body, perfect and square- built; and it speaketh of the meaning of the earth.
They were in such haste and stress as they bore him that no one thought of drawing the spear from his thigh so as to let him walk uprightly.
In the village school I found you could perform well, punctually, uprightly, labour uncongenial to your habits and inclinations; I saw you could perform it with capacity and tact: you could win while you controlled.
He contended it on international forum uprightly time and again.
According to media reports, the CM said we need to change the old systems and to bring a new one in its place so that we can say uprightly and proudly that Pakistan is a welfare state, we should not let our beloved motherland scatter, we have to make it great again, we need to change our mindset and work together towards peace, progress and prosperity.
If you lead the people uprightly, who will dare not be upright?
Of course, resistance to the wrongheaded animal liberation now under way--and so uprightly supported by many in the community of philosophical ethics and politics--must be conducted rationally--in exactly the way that human beings are superior to other animals in the known world.
The relationship between habit and virtue, in the ST, exists because, according to Thomas, it is a habit of deed and a good quality of mind, which makes one live uprightly, and of which everyone makes good use, as it was produced by God in the man without the man (I-II, Q.
Give alms from your possessions to all who live uprightly, and do not let your eye begrudge the gift when you make it.
It was to be used uprightly, that is, perpendicular to the ground; which is the abode of the dead.
They too will then speak up, uprightly and objectively.
Leb in this passage means a guiltless conscience, one who behaved uprightly.