upright piano

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a piano with a vertical sounding board

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Fiona Grant, who lives in Morpeth, had put a spinet - a forerunner of the upright piano - up for sale with Newcastle auctioneers Anderson & Garland.
I put out the word in my neighbourhood and was soon put in touch with Mohammed, who promised he could organise the men and showed me pictures on his cell phone of an upright piano he had once moved, as testimony of his experience and professionalism.
But there are others that might surprise you -- a gas stove dating to the late 1920s, soapstone sinks, air conditioning units and an upright piano.
To the left of the room is an early upright piano and to the right, a Biedermeier writing bureau on chest, clearly a piece brought back from Germany.
Instrumentation includes body beats, upright piano, ukulele and a light string section.
We see small items--Swiss Army knife, Smartphone, hair dryer; mid-sized items--record player, power drill, toaster; large items--accordion, sewing machine, carpet steamer; and extra-large items--bicycle, upright piano, and two-seater light aircraft (from an assembly kit).
My Mother Was an Upright Piano is Tania Hershman's second collection of very short stories--her first, The White Road and Other Stories, was commended by the judges of the 2009 Orange Award for New Writers.
And despite the fact that the upright piano in the corner is unloved and used more for plonking ornaments on than playing in some homes, there is still plenty of fine fingerwork going on out there.
The 58-key upright piano on which actor and singer Dooley Wilson performed As Time Goes By, the signature song of the 1942 film's star-crossed lovers played by Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, sold at Sotheby's for $602,500 including commission.
About 200 people watched as the upright piano crashed into a second piano, a baby grand, which was positioned six floors below.
He'd had the 20,000-strong audience eating out of his hand since the moment he stepped on the stage, and sat down at his signature upright piano to play the songs that have brought the band worldwide fame, from their first hits such as Yellow -- one of the biggest sing-alongs of the night -- and Fix You, the huge Viva La Vida, and finally the current radio hits, Paradise and Every Tear is a Waterfall.
The camera moves through woods to come upon a naked man (Biggers himself) playing an upright piano.
We were actually about to build a steampunk upright piano on a trolley which we were going to push through the city centre whilst Kreios played for an event called Electro Swing Club.
The battered Challen upright piano, covered in cigarette burns and coffee stains, can be heard on hits such as Paperback Writer and Tomorrow Never Knows, both recorded in Abbey Road's Studio Three in 1966.
Basics One of the highlights is the Challen upright piano from Abbey Road studios, played by The Beatles and Pink Floyd.